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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Speech at Budapest peace event


 President of the Hungarian Community for Peace, Endre Simó’s speech at the Labor Party peace meeting on September 26, 2022 at Nyugati Square in Budapest

I wish you a good day, thank you for the invitation, I am glad that the Hungarian Community for Peace can work together with the Labor Party to protect the peace of our country! It is true that we joined together in the framework of the Forum for Peace movement, which was established on September 5th, to prevent Hungary from being plunged into war, together with organizations and individuals with diverse world views. We need to act because our government preaches too much about peace, but does little for it!

The government allows Western weapons destined for Ukraine to pass through Hungary, gives its name to Western sanctions policy with the exception of oil and gas sanctions, accepts NATO soldiers, allows Ukrainian soldiers treated in our hospitals to return to fight (neutral Switzerland does not allow them to continue go to war), our lady president of the republic, the commander-in-chief of our armed forces, apostrophizes Russia as an aggressor, because it could no longer tolerate the extermination of its sons from Donetsk and Luhansk and to drive a wedge between two brotherly peoples, the Russian and the Ukrainian. Anti-Russian statements are made, the peace-loving Hungarian is not allowed into the public service media.

We are at the point where the Hungarian political leadership stands by Zelensky even in minority matters. Not only does it not protect our compatriots living beyond our borders from being used as cannon fodder against the Russians, but they are already taking away from the Transcarpathians the freedom to live their identity. This happened a few days ago, when Foreign Minister Péter Szíjjártó signed a statement in New York together with his EU colleagues denying the right of the people of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia to a referendum. To be able to freely decide who he wants to live with in the future, Russia or Zelensky’s Ukraine. Would this government be so narrow-minded that it doesn’t even realize what it’s doing? On what basis can we claim the right to autonomy and self-determination for ourselves if we deny it to others? Or is this how we want to please Brussels in order to receive the frozen 7.5 billion euros? Are we turning the Transcarpathian Hungarians’ right to autonomy and self-determination into money? Shall we let principles declared sacred be reduced to fair trade? What do our bloods matter to us when there is money in the house? Would the government identify with the Kiev regime that classified its citizens into indigenous and secondary ethnicities, declaring Ukrainians superior and Russians, Hungarians, and Ruthenians inferior?

Who is the aggressor? The one who slaughters 13,000 Russians and shoots his own if he befriends them, or the one who protects them and wants to liquidate the resurgent Nazism? Who represents human rights? The one who divides his people into inferior and superior races, or the one who allows him to decide in a referendum who he wants to live with. Who represents democracy, Kyiv, which bans opposition parties, or Russia, which even back home offers the opportunity to vote to the 3.5 million Ukrainians who fled there?

According to the signs, the values of which the West was so proud can be found in the East! Should we seek Liberty where peoples’ right to self-determination is denied? Should we seek Equality where 60 percent of the wealth is owned by 1 percent of the population? Where is the Fraternity? Isn’t it where they preach peaceful coexistence? Why we cling to allies who will not let us live in peace with others and want to continue the war, not end it?

The policy of the Hungarian government is characterized by dishonesty, duplicity, and servility! We drink the juice of this on a daily basis, with skyrocketing prices, suppressed wages and pensions, impoverishment and declassification. Shouldn’t it finally be said, this is enough for our own allies to constantly cross us? So that we can not live in good relations with others? With those who are essential to our national economic development, our energy security, our social stability, and the prosperity of our people?

The Hungarian nation needs sovereign politics, not one that is subordinated to foreign interests! We must protect our brothers and sisters abroad as others do. Our national interest could be best served by creating a collective security and cooperation system, as proposed by Moscow, but rejected by NATO. If the West continues to refuse to compromise and reject peaceful cooperation with Russia, we will have no choice but to make a separate deal with Moscow. This is dictated by the Hungarian interest here at home and beyond our borders. The Hungarian Community for Peace is for the people, for our nation, together with its allies, including the Labor Party in the Forum for Peace movement! 


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