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Saturday, December 04, 2021

Is US-NATO provoking Russia in Ukraine because of energy resources?


We are constantly told that tensions are rising dramatically between US-NATO and Russia over Ukraine.
What is actually driving the conflict along Russia's border these days?
GN board member Will Griffin again has produced another important video that takes us deep into the reasons for growing conflict between the US-NATO and Russia. (Ukraine is just a tool that is used by Washington to destabilize the region.)
In the end the video makes quite clear it is mostly about energy. Europe is in an energy crisis and Russia has built the Nordstream-2 pipeline to send natural gas to Germany and beyond. The US has long opposed this pipeline because Washington wants Europe to buy more expensive fracked (LNG) gas from the US - sent overseas via ships.
With the melting Arctic Sea it will be possible to drill for fossil fuels in that region. But Russia has the largest border with the Arctic. The video shares how the Rand Corporation (that compiled the Vietnam-era Pentagon Papers) has created a plan to break Russia into smaller nations thus making it easier for western fossil fuel corporations to control the Arctic.
The US-NATO count on the western public to miss the real story driving these dangerous military escalations along Russia's borders.


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