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Saturday, October 02, 2021

Verboten has lost


Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Isaac, and Bradly Beal (and some other NBA players) have broken the verboten spell.
We've not really been allowed
to talk critically about covid,
or the jab,
it's been verboten,
a forbidden subject.

Isaac was one of the
ballplayers who took a knee
over Black Lives Matter.

It's obvious he thinks for 
Many others don't,
they just follow the crowd,
what ever Mr. Big says,
is what goes. Period.

Big pharma is owned 
by many of the same people 
who own the media,
who are Wall Streeters,
who own the MIC
and Big Oil.
They have
boards of directorates.
Mr. Big is getting desperate.
The peasants are becoming
Covid passports
and other restrictions 
on freedom and 
personal liberty
are being protested.
People around the world
not buying it,
figuring out that
something is rotten,
Norway just backed off.
Sweden backed off 
long ago.
Not sure about
Verboten has lost.
Those who are still
asking questions,
like Jonathan Isaac,
are doing us all
a big favor.
I hope you can
acknowledge that.


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