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Monday, October 11, 2021

Independent journalists - who is funding 'Rappler'?


Maria Ressa - awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - is promoted by the Western media as a heroic, brave, independent journalist standing up to the government of the Philippines and its president, Rodrigo Duterte.

What is left buried in articles about Maria Ressa is that she’s actually a US citizen funded by the US through the National Endowment for Democracy and her media platform - Rappler - is a purveyor of anti-China rhetoric serving US interests at the cost of the Philippines’ own best interests.

The irony of Ressa winning a “peace prize” is Rappler’s propaganda aims at stirring up conflict - not avoiding it. 

The Nobel Peace Prize has really gone astray. They've given the prize to the likes of:

  • Teddy Roosevelt (1906)
  • Woodrow Wilson (1919)
  • Henry Kissinger (1973)
  • Barack Obama (2009)

Warmongers for sure.

Certainly some good people have been awarded the peace prize over the years but there can be no doubt that the 'prize' is used to boost the interests of the western (US-NATO) economic and foreign policy program. 

The US-NATO agenda in the Asia-Pacific is to send the message to all governments in the region - 'cut your economic ties with China or you will suffer. Do as we say and you will be rewarded - you might even win the Nobel Peace Prize'. 


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