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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

End the Korean War!


Global Collective Action : 
Send Your Photo to End the Korean War 

July 12 ~ 27, 2021
#19530727 #EndtheKoreanWar #KoreaPeaceAppeal 

This upcoming July 27 marks the 68th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement. For too long, the people on the Korean Peninsula have lived in an unfinished war that has only been paused for a while. We can’t just wait any longer! Let’s end the Korean war with peace-loving people around the world. 

Ahead of July 27, The Korea Peace Appeal Campaign invites you to join the Global Collective Action: Let’s End the Korean War! Sign the Korea Peace Appeal. The action aims to bring together voices of people from all over the world to move from ceasefire to peace by ending the Korean War. 

During the Action Week, we will collect “peace photos” from all over the world, and hold signature campaigns, marches and press conferences in various places in South Korea. 

Wherever you are, please join us for Korea Peace!

Step 1: Take a photo holding the sign for Korea Peace 
  • Print your choice of sign 👉 here or You can make your own creative sign :) 
  • Take a photo holding the sign. You can go to a landmark near you with your friends to take photo! 

Step 2: Post on Facebook, Instagram or any social media platform of your choice with the following caption 

70 years is enough. Let’s End the Korean War! 
Sign the Appeal to end the unresolved War 
#19530727 #EndtheKoreanWar #KoreaPeaceAppeal 

Step 3: Send the photo to the campaign via to let the campaign show the collective action of photos on the website 

Step 4: If you have not sign the Korea Peace Appeal yet, please sign it and add your voice 👉 here 

Step 5: Get your friends, colleagues and family to do the same! 

Your photos from all over the world will be... 
  • released to South Korean press
  • posted as an advertisement on a subway station in South Korea! 

* Hashtag, #19530727 means 27 July 1953, the date of signing the armistice.


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