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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Ethnic Cleansing of East Jerusalem


By Richard Greve, Human Rights Activist  

It is astounding that in the 21st century, a nation would evict one group of homeowners because they are of a particular religion and allow another religious group to take over their homes, chase out the occupants, and then allow the other group to move right in.

This is what Israel is doing to the NonJewish population of East Jerusalem in two different neighborhoods at this time. NonJews are being evicted from their homes and Jews are moving into the houses, with the backing of the Israeli forces.

The purpose of this is to clear out as much of the NonJewish population so that Israel can change the demographics of the city. This is what is called ethnic cleansing. It has been a slow but insidious process for years in the territory that Israel has occupied since it conquered the West Bank in 1967. The ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem has increased recently.

What Israel is doing is not only cruel, but a violation of International Law and its obligations under International Law to protect the lives and the property of a conquered people. Israel has totally defied this law, and has confiscated large areas of the West Bank and settled hundreds of thousands of Jews there in Apartheid Settlements For Jews Only. What Israel is doing is considered a Crime Against Humanity.

The US government has been silent and acquiescent in this crime by its silence, and by paying for Israel’s weapons to carry out the crimes. This means that the US is complicit with the crime. We are helping, indirectly, to fund it. If the American government doesn’t care about Israel’s crimes it should be concerned about its own collusion with violations of International Law.

Israel must be placed on immediate sanctions, and all funding to the Israeli regime must stop until it ceases and desists in its crimes.


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