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Saturday, May 01, 2021

May Day solidarity message to the Donbass



I was asked by a labor leader in Lugansk (Donbass) to send a solidarity message via video that would be posted on their union web site.

This labor leader is the person who invited to me come to Lugansk and Donetsk in 2019. He organized my tour and took good care of the three international activists visiting at that time. While in Lugansk (his home town) he made sure that we met and spoke with many different people ensuring that we got a deep understanding of the situation. My report from that trip is here

Since 2014 I've been checking on the situation in the Donbass virtually on a daily basis. 

I first met the labor leader at a peace conference that I stumbled upon while in Moscow in late 2018.  I had gone there to do advance work for the Global Network Russia Study Tour in the spring of 2019 that took us to Moscow, Crimea and St. Petersburg.



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