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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Stan Lofchie Presente!



It was with great sadness that we learned last night that long-time Brunswick peace & justice activist Stan Lofchie had died.  Stan was 95 years old and had been declining since the loss of his beloved Loukie a couple years ago.  He is survived by his two sons.

Stan was a member of Maine Veterans For Peace and was in the Army during WW II having survived the Battle of the Bulge. He was also a devoted member of Let Cuba Live and defended the besieged island nation with his characteristic big-hearted energy.

He was a generous soul who gave freely to causes. I could never forget how he was so thrilled by the Occupy movement and did all he could to provide the encampment in Portland with things they needed.

He was equally as kind to me giving me his best winter boats, two heavy coats, super-insulated gloves and more.  When MB and I moved to Maine in 2003 it was Loukie and Stan who helped us find our first home in their neighborhood and they took us in as their own.

During recent times MB has been one of Stan's caretakers along with a handful of others who did their best to honor his fierce independence at a time when he could barely walk without falling.  Local activist Eric Herter was one who did much to support Stan along with Martin McDonough, Josh Katz, Joanne Rosenthal, Johnny Schooley, Gina Markow and more.

A team of folks will be entrusted with making all necessary arrangements to honor Stan's memory and share keepsakes.  More information about these things will be circulated in the future.

You can watch a video interview we did with Stan about his life here.

Donations to Maine VFP would seem appropriate in Stan's memory.



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