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Friday, December 18, 2020

Snow day in Maine


We had a big snow storm in Midcoast Maine yesterday - more than 12 inches fell here in Bath.

I went out about noon while it was still coming down quite heavily to get a start on moving some of the snow from sidewalks and driveway.  Mary Bath joined me at about 3:30 pm for a second round of shoveling.  Luckily it was a light snow - if it had been a wet, heavy snow the shoveling process would have been much worse on my already sore back.

I love it though.  After 30 years in Florida, missing the seasons quite badly, it is always enjoyable to be outside in the middle of a snow storm. Everything around is so quiet and still.  It always makes me feel so safe because I think that nothing really bad can happen from the humans as nature has taken over.  Similarly during big rain storms in Florida I'd get the same feeling.

So the photos above show all sides of our house and you can get a bit of a feel for how much snow we got and how much shoveling we had to do.

Today the sun is shining and the snow is still fairly clean so it is truly a winter wonder land.  

Click on the photos for a better view.



Blogger Ken Jones said...

I miss the snow! (though not the shoveling. Glad to see you are still out there, but get a snow blower! :-)

12/18/20, 12:28 PM  

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