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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Standing in the rain


  • Yesterday Vera King and I were joined by three other volunteers for a two-hour bannering in the steady cold rain along US 1 in Wiscasset at the foot of the bridge just past one of Maine's iconic tourist traps called Red's Eats that has long been owned by a family named Gagnon.  No relation - except in the way distant past.

This is our second visit to this particular spot as US Hwy 1 is one of just a few direct north-south roads in Maine - this one hugs the Atlantic coastline.  So the traffic is always steady - even after summer is gone.  The leaf-peepers are here now visiting from 'away' as folks like to say in Maine.  But in no time flat the leaves will be gone and many of the tourists will be as well.

  • We are frequently hearing these days though that loads of people from big cities like New York and other such places who have the money or relatives in Maine are moving here because of the virus pandemic.  Maine has generally handled the situation well and with only 1.3 million people living here people from out-of-state see this place as a safer bet.
  • The US Senate candidates in Maine will have their third debate on October 15 (Thursday) at 8:00 pm and will be hosted by Maine Public Radio & TV.  Should be as interesting as the past two have been.
  • One of my favorite publications in Maine (called The Mainer, formerly The Bollard) has endorsed Lisa.  You can see it here. The Mainer is a popular monthly arts, cultural, politics magazine that is distributed in the greater Portland area and along the mid-coast where I live.  
  • Campaign donations have been coming in quite strong lately so there is enough money to do some TV, radio and newspaper advertising.  Lisa's donations are not at the level of the $63.6 million the Democrat candidate Sara Gideon has pulled in from many corporate sources. The incumbent Republican Senator Susan Collins has received $25.2 million from her corporate donors.  As I like to say, the corporate oligarchies are running two horses in this race.  
  • Lisa is on the outside track with her $170,000 in non-corporate donations - setting a new record for Maine Green Party fundraising during a statewide campaign.  It's enough to get the word out to a public that always complains about big money taking over our elections.  I find it ironic that most Democrats routinely grouse about corporations and the rich buying our elections but in this case their Senate candidate is leading the $$$$$$ pack and the party faithful don't seem to mind a bit.

Such is life in American politics.  

On we go.....



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