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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Outside of the electoral $$$ game


Last night Lisa Savage tried her best to get into the final US Senate debate.  

Standing in the cold dark Maine night outside the WMTW studio, joined by 33 others, she tried to hand a station representative copies of 2,600 petition signatures calling on the station to allow her to debate.  The person refused to accept them so they were placed at the feet of the man sent out to push them away.

Alongside Lisa was 9-year old Fiona who came to stand with Lisa with her mother and younger brother.  Can you imagine the lesson young Fiona learned about so-called 'democracy' in America?

The slick debate, without both qualified Independent candidates, went on anyway.  During the brief intro the TV station debate moderator said that the legal team of the Hearst media corporation had determined that the two excluded candidates did not meet their criteria - one of which was specifically the amount of money raised.  

This is an important recognition of just how things truly work these days.  If you are running against corporate domination, and don't have a mega-million dollar war chest, then the corporate media masters can declare your candidacy null and void.  So much for free speech, free elections, and freedom to select your preferred candidate.  If you can't hear or see all the candidates how are you to truly participate as an informed citizen in a free and fair election?  The BS is unreal.

You can watch the Fazebook live streaming of Lisa attempting to get into the debate here

It is indeed a sad thing to witness this corporate corruption but it only makes me more determined to stand alongside good people like Lisa Savage and her many supporters. 

I voted for Lisa #1 yesterday here in Bath and it was my most proud vote since my first one against the Vietnam war in 1972 while in the Air Force.



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