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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Why the race to Mars?

Years ago I attended a military space conference in Cocoa Beach, Florida - home of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  The conference was sponsored by the aerospace industry, the space nuclear power industry and the Kennedy Space Center tourist facility.

During a workshop exclusively on Mars the head of the KSC tourist center led the discussion.  He gave a surprising figure of the numbers of local school children annually brought to the facility and said with confidence, "We're completely changing the tourist facilities focus to Mars - in 20 years all the kids will be taxpayers and we want them to support everything Mars."


The nuclear industry wants to build nuke-powered mining colonies on Mars.  The Halliburton Corporation has been working for years on a drilling mechanism for mining.  They say there is magnesium, colbalt and uranium on the red planet.  Can you imagine 'strip mining'?

The profits from building and launching rockets to Mars will be huge.

Pyramids to the Heavens.  Who are the Pharaohs and who will be the slaves?

What does it mean that space agencies from China, the United Arab Emirates and the US are launching Mars missions within days of each other?

What will be the collective cost of these missions to the people of Mothership Earth?  How could those funds be better spent?

Will there be wars fought to control the mining operations on Mars?  How much would those wars cost taxpayers?

Why is it we hear virtually no critique of these Mars missions on corporate controlled media?

What does the public believe it will get in return for funding these interplanetary space missions?  



Blogger Zacherydtaylor said...

Shipping costs will be way to high to send raw materials back to earth; they'll only use them for activities on Mars. The first thing they'll look for is water. Mars will be mostly for research purposes for now. However if Philip Corso is right about sharing alien technology we should worry about the agenda of the aliens.

7/16/20, 5:34 AM  

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