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Saturday, July 18, 2020

All moved into new house in Bath

The front porch of our new house in Bath, Maine

We moved into our new house (which is actually 100 years old) in Bath yesterday.  We closed the purchase on June 30 and have been cleaning, painting and doing minor repairs since then.  We had two young men professional movers come and pick up our stuff up Brunswick early yesterday and move it to Bath.

We lived previously in Bath for 12 years in the Addams-Melman House - an intentional community that we shared with friend Karen Wainberg and others during those years.  It was a big house with lots of room for guests, meetings, and potluck suppers.  It was a great run.  But as we all aged a bit that house and its big grounds became way too much for us to manage.  So we sold the house and moved to a small rental apartment in nearby Brunswick until we could figure out our next steps.

So the next phase in our lives puts us back in Bath where much of our current peace work is centered.  Mary Beth's church community is also here - we asked our dear friend Bill Bliss (the minister who performed our recent wedding ceremony) to come to the house two days ago and he did a sage blessing for us which we deeply appreciated.

I planted pole beans, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and various herbs as soon as we got access to the house.  It's a bit late in the season but I should still get something.  There are two quite large raised garden beds in the yard which was a very welcoming feature of the house.  We've also been grateful that various friends have donated flowering plants to us to enhance the grounds.

We have much work still ahead of us - most of the windows have no blinds or curtains and we have to replace the 1965 oil furnace that is so old the insurance company won't give us a homeowners policy unless we got rid of it.  So we are buying a new high-efficient propane furnace that gets installed next week.  We lament the fact that there are few affordable non-fossil fuel options available to us.  An energy audit is also on the 'To Do' list so we can tighten up the house as much as possible.

We had to get a new phone number for the Global Network (and us) so please make note of it - (207) 389-4606.  Give us a call to welcome us and make sure it works!

We look forward to reconnecting with old friends in Bath and hopefully, if and when this virus ever subsides, we can host a meeting or potluck supper again some day.  You are all invited!



Blogger Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new house! The picture shows some plantings in the yard and a porch. A porch is a wonderful feature to have -- enjoy it! And stay safe!

7/18/20, 7:14 PM  

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