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Friday, June 26, 2020

Bob Dale Presente!

Bob Dale, in the black VFP vest, was loved by all across Maine

Earlier this week our dear friend, and mentor to many, Bob Dale calmly passed away at 95 years old after a long and fulfilling life.

Bob was known in Maine as a dedicated member of Veterans For Peace and the Maine Green party.  For many years he lived on a small island in the Midcoast along with his wife Jean.  They had to haul their food in on foot - they had no electric - only solar and wood fired heat and cooking.

Earlier in his life Bob was a Navy pilot just after WW II and often told the story how he was assigned to fly a nuclear bomber over China on a regular basis.  He was given one Chinese city as his target and each mission was to fly over the city and wait for the order to release his atomic payload.  Fortunately the order never came.

Bob went on to became known for flying Navy and exploratory personnel in and out of Antarctica and he became an expert on the region.

Bob and his wife Jean traveled the word several times visiting places like Africa, Russia and beyond.  In each place they went they were true ambassadors for peace.

Bob was arrested with us at Bath Iron Works just a couple years ago - helping to call for the conversion of the shipyard to help deal with our real problem today - climate crisis.

Some years ago Bob and Jean moved off the island where they were living into downtown Brunswick.  They became known for walking virtually everywhere - only using their car in the later years when walking became a problem.  They've inspired Mary Beth and me to walk as much in town as possible and we always say we are carrying on the tradition of Bob and Jean.

I am sad about his passing.  Fortunately a month or so ago I went for a walk to his house and spent some time with him on his back porch talking.  He always made everyone feel so welcome and loved - in the days before the virus Bob would always greet us with a big hug and a smile.

His passing was on his own terms - he was administered a drug that put him to sleep.  In bed next to him was his devoted wife Jean and his daughter.




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