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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bannering Downeast Maine

Rob Shetterly and Dud Hendrick on the Union River bridge in Ellsworth on Sunday. We got a pretty good response considering most folks still are just learning about Lisa Savage's campaign.

Akemi Wray, Connie Jenkins and I on the other side of the bridge in Ellsworth. 

Russell Wray, Adam Thiesen, me, and Dud in downtown Bangor

Me, Meredith Bruskin and Dud in downtown Belfast reaching out to voters

On Sunday I joined other volunteers from the Lisa for Maine campaign bannering on the bridge over the Union River in Ellsworth, Maine.  We were there for an hour at noon and then moved to the busy highway intersection that leads to Bar Harbor.  We were introducing the public to Lisa Savage.

The next day a couple of us did the same thing in Blue Hill for an hour in the morning and then moved to two spots in Bangor during mid-day.

Then yesterday three of us did 90 minutes in downtown Belfast.

We found that people were open to Lisa as November's election will be a Ranked Choice Voting contest so folks can vote their real favorites without fear of 'spoiling' the election.  It's a very liberating deal.

Volunteers will keep doing this across Maine in the coming months.  I'm certain the process will help the voters begin to learn more about Lisa Savage.

One Lisa supporter in Biddeford has hung one of these banners on her barn which faces a primary road in that town.  It was her initiative that got this banner effort going.

While the leading Republican and Democrat candidates for the US Senate seat in Maine have each raised tens of millions of dollars (largely from corporate sources) so far Lisa has raised about $75,000.  The presumptive Republican and Democrat are each trading attacks ads on TV and on social media and the public is already getting tired of hearing it.

So Lisa must find another way to reach the public.  This bannering process is just one way - using volunteers in order to reach the people.

Lisa is running on the ballot as an Independent - and there are more registered Independents in Maine than Republicans or Democrats.

See the coverage in the local paper we got in Belfast here

On it goes......



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