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Thursday, August 22, 2019

"I am praying God every minute"

More from the Donbass in eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border.

"I can't handle it any more. My whole body is worn out. It's worn out so much, that if I hear any sound, my body is all shaking. It's the fear. We are living in fear and we don't know when will it end." - tells through tears Vera Vasilievna. She can't even hide from shelling any more: her husband is paralysed and her lungs already turned black after months she spent in the basement.

Kirova Street is the most dangerous spot in Kominternove settlement. Bullets are flying here day and night, most of the houses are nothing but ruins, lush gardens are burnt down by tracer munitions.

Ukrainian soldier, look whom you are shooting at! There are no military positions on this street, just elderly, desperately trying to survive in this Hell! Broken windows in their homes are taped with plastic. There is no gas and regular power blackouts, as result of shelling. Each gunshot and mine flying over their roof makes old people tremble. And this is the second war in their lives...

Donbass Rose


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