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Monday, March 11, 2019

See for yourself...

Tulsi Gabbard - CNN Presidential Town Hall in 2019

I know it is early yet to be focusing on the 2020 presidential election.  But for many reasons it is right in front of us.

I just watched this CNN town hall from Texas.  Tulsi comes across quite impressively.  I found nothing I could argue with.  I recall that she went to Standing Rock in North Dakota when that pipeline fight was going strong.  But I've also heard friends who live in Hawaii call out Tulsi for not being active in similar fights in her own state.  That is an important observation.

On the island of Kaui in Hawaii there is a 'missile defense' base with recently deployed Aegis-Ashore interceptors that are key elements in Pentagon first-strike attack planning.  If I had the chance I'd ask Tulsi why she supports this base.  And how can we ever cut the military budget, as she so rightly suggests, until we deal with our local communities addiction to military production.? It's often the only job in town.

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) requires candidates for president in 2020 to have 65,000 unique donors to qualify for the debate stage on corporate-controlled TV. This means that the Dems are trying to put a numerical and economic hurdle in front of candidates who wish to reach the public's ears.  I don't like that.  It's undemocratic and of course a total corporate strategic to stifle real debate.

I haven't voted for a Democrat for president since Walter Mondale lost to Ronald Reagan in 1984.  I've been voting independent or Green Party ever since then.  But I will acknowledge I am at this point impressed with Tulsi.  I like her combination of excellent political analysis and spiritual (not religious) articulation.

I think more people should listen to Tulsi - she has something to say.

Whether she becomes president is not so important to me.  We need her voice (and many, many others) going around the country helping the people see a path out of this current neo-feudal darkness.



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