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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

India's ASAT Test

India tests anti-satellite weapon

This is clearly motivated by the seemingly poor electoral prospects of a Prime Minister, who was once viewed by many in India as the one who could bring economic prosperity to the millions of people. Instead, he has brought religious bigotry and neoliberal economic policies that is playing havoc with the lives of uncounted farmers and working people.

Mr. Narebdra Modi and his Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are getting ready for paramilitary elections starting next month and he facing a difficult challenge. The timing of the anti-satellite test clearly indicates his political motive. He wasted no time before calling a press conference to announce the success of the test and to brag about how India now joined the exclusive club of nations that possess such capability.

In actuality, hitting a satellite with a rocket is much less difficult than intercepting a long-range missile. Satellites are highly vulnerable because their trajectories are precisely known, especially if it is one of your own. Favorable test conditions can also be created by using sunlit times. The satellites are also have a relatively large cross-section making it easier to see and hit. There are also no decoys to worry about like in an antimissile system.

Regardless, this is a reckless act that should be widely condemned. Creating more space debris in an orbit filled with space debris is extremely dangerous for all space missions. Unfortunately, India is following the footsteps of major space powers like the USA and China. There should be a renewed demand from the international piece community for an ASAT ban urgently.

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