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Thursday, August 02, 2018

My coming trip to Russia

I'm starting to work on my Russian Visa application process.  My plan is to visit Moscow and Crimea in the middle of October on a humanitarian Visa.

The idea is to meet Russian people in preparation for a study tour that I will be coordinating in the spring of 2019 (late April to early May).  We want to take some of our GN members and friends to try to cut through the manufactured fog that engulfs the American public mind when it comes to Russia.

How in god's name can Russia ever be responsible for all the things the western media has accused it of doing?  Impossible.

Russia and Putin are 'guilty as charged' in the west because they dare to stand up for their own national interests and sovereignty.  They refuse to become lackeys for Mr. Big.  The corporate oligarchies that run US-NATO can't stand it when they snap their fingers and Russia refuses to take a knee in subservience.

I want to meet these Russian people who are so misunderstood and maligned in my country.  I want to hear what they have to say about their culture and history, their lives and families, Syria, Ukraine, Putin, Star Wars and what the future holds for all of us. I want to ask Russians why does America want to bust Russia's back?

In my lifetime I've never seen such a systemic, coordinated, organized pressure campaign to turn the American people against one man (and one country) like we see today.  I want to step thru that toxic barrier between the west and Russia and hold out my hand in friendship and inquisitiveness.

While I am in Russia (particularly in Moscow) this coming October my hope is to meet with many people who will offer to help me fashion an interesting and challenging study trip for those I bring along when we return in the spring of 2019.



Blogger greencrow said...

Good Luck with your trip, Bruce. My husband and I went to Russia in 2014 and really enjoyed it. St. Petersburg is awesome. We did a boat cruise from St. Petersburg all the way to Moscow through gorgeous and verdant countryside.

Yu say that the systematic vilification of Putin is unprecedented but having lived 70+ years I can say that this is SOP for the USraeli war machine. Don't you recall how the propaganda M$M vilified Saddam Hussain, Moammar Gadafhi and Bashar Assam prior to attack? It's what they always doooooooooo.


8/2/18, 2:19 PM  
Blogger Ariel Ky said...

I want to go with you to Moscow in the Spring of 2019. I have sent a message to Alexandr Kostrov on Facebook about your visit. You can find him in my friends and contact him yourself. I taught him English online for two years. He works in a bank in Moscow. Part of his job is to follow current events in the world so that he knows what is happening for the bank's investments. I think he may have a direct connection to Putin, but I can't say that for sure. Another Russian on my Facebook is Alexander Semenov, a biomarine scientist and photographer stationed in the Arctic. I have seen a photo with him and Putin, so he certainly does have a direct connection with him, although he is not in Moscow. Alexandr Kostrov is.

8/2/18, 2:20 PM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

Of course GC you are correct about the demonization of Iraq and Gadafhi that justified US-NATO attacks. But what is going on with Putin & Russia is beyond even that and so stupid and risky because Russia could actually fight back against a US-NATO attack. The whole world is hanging off a cliff by our thumbs at the present. Good that you went to Russia and saw things for yourself. We need much more of that for sure.

8/2/18, 5:19 PM  
Blogger Geoff Holland said...

Wonderful Bruce, we look forward to updates, Also look forward to meeting (online) more Russian peace activists and news of the activities of Russian peace groups.

Good luck and Best Wishes - we are with you!

8/2/18, 7:22 PM  

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