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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Living with a gem

This photo is of Mary Beth (MB) and me in Edinburgh, Scotland last June just prior to the annual Global Network conference in Oxford, England.  Dave Webb kindly arranged a day trip there from his home in Leeds and we spoke to a packed room that night.

MB is a social worker who works with the homeless in Portland - a 45 minute drive each way from Bath.  She's moved to just three days a week in order to have time for things at home.  Truthfully, she spends most of her days off doing social work in the Bath and Brunswick area with her 'peeps' - people she adores and helps care for - from 19 to 95 years old.  One of her brothers calls her a saint which is about right.

MB enjoyed the nightly pub visits while we were on the trip to the UK in June.  Being of Irish descent she likes her brew and the noisy company in a good pub.  It reminds her I think of a Sullivan (Boston area) family get together.

But truth is that the UK trip was a working trip - daily traveling and speaking.  Not complaining but MB (and me) have not had a real break this summer.  We both need one.

Since my knee operation on July 16 MB has been watching over me like a mama bear.  Even when  she's been so tired she can't even see straight she still gives my bum knee a massage and often gives one to my good leg too for its extra hard service during this past month.

MB's heart is bigger than imaginable.  I love her and am grateful for all she does for me and everyone else. 

One of her childhood friends called from Massachusetts and wants to come up to Maine for the Labor Day weekend.  So the three of us are going to get away for a couple days.  That is exciting and I know we both need a bit of a change of scene.  Maybe there will be a pub visit as well.



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