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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

What Are We Doing to the Minds of Our Youth?

This video reveals the reality of America today.

Under corporate globalization of the world economy the Pentagon has been saying that every country will have a different role.  In America we will not make shoes, clothes, cars, TV's or cell phones anymore.  We will make war on behalf of corporate interests around the world.  The Pentagon calls it 'Security Export'.

The airshows, violent movies, military recruitment in our schools, and many other cultural avenues are all aimed at militarizing our culture.  The kids are being taught that violence is cool and normal.  The word 'freedom' comes to mean that the US, the 'exceptional' nation, is free to rape, kill and pillage around the world.

The mega-resource extraction corporations are out to take control of the world's remaining oil, natural gas, water and precious minerals.  In order to accomplish this greedy goal these corporations must have an ongoing supply of boots on the ground to do the fighting and killing on behalf of their interests.

Cutbacks in public education funding and loss of jobs across America ensure that the future generations have no real future.  But they've been repeatedly told that they can join the military, make good money, and have 'fun' while they 'see the world'.  The fact that suicides among returned war veterans is now at epidemic rates is not shared at these air shows.

It was announced just last week that the Navy's Blue Angels will come back to Brunswick, Maine next August 26-27 to do another air show.  We'll be out there protesting as we have in the past.

Thanks to Michael Hanes for making this video about our very sick culture.  He asks this important question, "What are we doing to the minds of our youth?"



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Compliance is Futile
I will not be assimilated

Resistance is Crucial
I must not be assimilated

12/7/16, 10:31 AM  

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