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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Poland as New U.S. Agent in Eastern Europe

The US strategy to force regime change in Russia is becoming more obvious.  Taking a look at the map one can see the strategic position of Poland - essentially a bridge between Europe and Russia.

Former Stratfor CEO George Friedman has written:  "Poland hasn't been a great power since the sixteenth century. But it once was-and, I think, will be again. Two factors make this possible. First will be the decline of Germany. Its economy is large and still growing, but it has lost the dynamism it has had for two centuries. In addition, its population is going to fall dramatically in the next fifty years, further undermining its economic power. Second, as the Russians press on the Poles from the east, the Germans won't have an appetite for a third war with Russia."

Essentially Friedman is making the point that Germany does not have the will to serve as the US agent (or bludgeon) for making war with Russia.  Germany would rather trade with Russia. Thus Poland enters the equation.  In the video below Friedman states, "Poland must become too much trouble."

The US plan is to turn Poland into its military center of operations in eastern Europe - close to Russia.  In order to encourage this relationship (and to sweeten the pot) the US is working hard to turn Poland into a regional economic power like it did in South Korea.  Poland has it all - location, location, location including Baltic Sea access.

Poland has considerable influence in Ukraine and Belarus and has taken it upon itself to champion expansion of the European Union eastward. Furthermore, the US military could eventually use Poland as a base from which to threaten the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad along with Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic Sea. Russia does not want to see the US-Polish alliance blossom, allowing the United States -- once it extricates itself from the Middle East -- to reposition itself on Russia's borders.

In 2016 the US built an Aegis Ashore missile defense (MD) base in Romania aimed at Russia.  In the coming year a similar MD base will be built in Poland.  (The Pentagon has already deployed a Patriot missile battery in Poland.) All of these installations would play a key role in US first-strike attack planning on Russia - after a US attack on Russian underground missile silos the MD systems in Poland and Romania would be used as the 'shield' to pick-off any Russian retaliatory strikes giving the US a 'successful' first-strike capability.  Added to that would the the US Navy Aegis warships (also outfitted with MD interceptors) that would be stationed in the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic Seas.

One other key role that Poland is now playing is the destabilization of Belarus.  Belarus is a loyal member of the Russian Federation and also sits in a strategic position along the Russian border.  Poland's job, on behalf of their puppet masters in Washington, is to serve notice to Belarus that they must swing toward the west (NATO) or consider experiencing a similar fate as Ukraine did during the 2014 coup d'├ętat sponsored by the US State Department under the guidance of Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton.

George Friedman lays out the plan for Poland in this video.  He begins focusing on the 'Poland vision' about nine minutes into the talk.



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