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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day War Machine Resistance

Video from Brunswick, Maine Memorial Day parade with PeaceWorks and Veterans for Peace delegation.

We actually should have had more than 100 people with us during the parade but many supporters are afraid to show their face in public or they have given up hope that anying good will come from protesting any more.  One thing we can be sure of is that when good people don't speak out, especially when their own government has become fascist (the wedding of corporations and the state), then you can count on for sure that things will indeed get worse.  It's astounding to me how many people have so little courage of their convictions.  Mind blowing.....

One person wrote me yesterday after my blog post about 'liberals' and thought I was too hard on them.  The critic said we need everyone with us.  But are many liberals really with us?  What do they actually do to speak out against endless war and its deadly connection to austerity budgets?  Please show me - correct me if I am missing something?

I recently went to a meeting of a room packed full of liberals and the person running the meeting asked for a show of hands of those willing to write a letter to our local paper about our right-wing Gov. LePage's war on the poor in Maine.  I didn't see one hand go up.  I read the local paper everyday and keep waiting to see some of these liberals writing to the paper.  It's a rare occasion.

So if the liberals are too timid (or lazy, or not carrying enough, or whatever) to even write a letter what makes me think that when the clamp comes down hard on us that we will be able to count on those hiding in the shadows?

Yes it's gotten so bad that even people who carry flags and banners in a local parade are considered the radicals.  Heaven help us all......

You are not supposed to say these kind of things in polite company - usually the people that tell you that are trying to cover for their own complicity on some level.  I'm over this though man - I'm tired of seeing people in Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland and beyond being killed with US $$$ and Pentagon support.

It's a frigging global war and we are all right in the middle of it.

Video by Peter Woodruff


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no more wars

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