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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kiev Forces Continue to Violate Minsk-2 Agreements

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is supposed to be monitoring the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine under the Minsk-2 agreement.  Many local citizens have been complaining that OSCE teams are always several days late in arriving after innocent villages are being shelled by the US-NATO backed Kiev regime's armed forces.

Here is a short video showing a OSCE team arrive in Sakhanka village in eastern Ukraine that has been repeatedly shelled in recent weeks by Kiev forces.  Several civilians have been killed.  All of this is being done in violation of the Minsk-2 agreement.  

I've been watching closely and have seen many videos of OSCE teams recording Kiev violations of the ceasefire agreements but have yet to see any evidence that these violations are being reported by the western media.  (In one case Kiev's snipers were actually trying to shoot OSCE teams as they inspected one village.) Is the OSCE not sharing their findings with the media or are they reporting them and the corporate dominated media just ignoring the reports?

Any way you cut it the innocent citizens in eastern Ukraine continue to suffer from the constant shelling by the US-NATO supported Kiev military.  It seems clear to me that the US-NATO side are not interested in ending this war - no matter what Skull & Bones member John Kerry tells the media.


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