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Monday, December 01, 2014

Stand With Those Who Are Cast Aside

I am back home from Missouri and feeling happy that I went to St. Louis to stand with people in the black community.  I just told my sister (my travel agent) that this is where I got my start as an organizer - working in the black community in central Florida.  I am not afraid of black people and relate to their burning rage and exasperation with the white dominated system.  I am most happy to see a generation of young black folks who are strong and clear and doing great organizing.  And I am equally proud of the young white activists who are supporting their black brother and sisters on the ground and trying to follow and work without attempting to take control.

There are a few white liberals across the country who are saying that the peace movement should not be engaging in this issue.  "We've got to honor the legal process" they say.  They are dead wrong.

The legal process is the problem - it's a rigged game for big $$$.  Working class blacks are not really needed anymore in our society as jobs have become mechanized, computerized, robotized and outsourced.  The people are expendable.  That is how feudalism works.

We should all find ways to stand with the black, brown, red, yellow, and poor white people's of this nation who are being cast aside.

I was grateful to the four St. Louis Rams football players who took the field yesterday with their arms raised in "Don't Shoot" mode.  It showed lots of courage on their part but those guys know the real score.  Good on them for withstanding the howls from the local St. Louis cops association that is demanding a public apology.  Maybe the cops should try to show some compassion and political analysis before they go off as a mouth piece for corporate capitalism.  The cops, who are paid "to serve and protect", are revealing to the public which side they truly stand on.

Police all over the nation are being militarized in order to neutralize the public when the big clampdown comes.  These cases like Ferguson are a field test for the military - and in a way they are a field test for all of us.  We'd better learn quickly how to react to this growing boot of fascism.  The black community, like Occupy before it, is now leading the way.  I intend to keep following as best I can.


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Nice! Bravo!

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