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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Navy Liars & Thieves Want Entire Village

Protest banners are hung inside the village . This banner reads, “Navy! you are the outside power that destroys our hometown, Gangjeong!

An urgent cry from Gangjeong village on Jeju Island, South Korea: We should not allow the navy swallow our village.

The below is the rough translation of a banner by the anti-naval base committee of the Gangjeong village, hung inside the village.

The navy plans to station about 7,000 people in the Jeju naval base that is currently being built. You may remember that the whole population of the Gangjeong villagers is less than 2,000. The banner explains the urgency of the struggle to stop the navy’s current project to build 72 households of military residence outside of the base but inside the village.
The other photo is on one of the many banners that villagers and peace activists have currently hung in and outside of the village. The banner in this photo reads, ‘How we can live with thieves? The Gangjeong villagers can never get along with the navy

    - The anti-naval base committee of the Gangjeong village.

Gureombi, The Wind is Blowing - 구럼비 바람이 분다 (영어자막 )러프컷 from cho sung bong on Vimeo.


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