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Monday, June 16, 2014


The Kiev puppet government doesn't want to pay the $4.5 billion they previously owe for Russian natural gas.  On top of that Kiev wants a special price that is lower than anyone else pays.

Do they think we are just plain stupid?

Presently we see the US-EU backed Kiev regime killing their own citizens in the east (they shot 100 men just two days ago), they've been dropping phosphorus bombs on them, attacking the Russian embassy in Kiev,  and then they EXPECT Russia to forgive their gas debts and give them a reduced price.


This is all a public relations ccampaign on the part of the US-NATO as they try to use this gas controversy to give Russia one more black eye.  The Kiev negotiating position on the gas issue was a stone wall from the start.  They knew that Russia would never agree to their ridiculous demands.  But most people in the public are not following these negotiations closely so all they will hear is RUSSIA CANCELS UKRAINE GAS.....MEAN OLD RUSSIA!

It's all perception management.... the intention is to create the global demonization of Moscow in order to justify the real agenda which is US-NATO military encirclement of Russia and an eventual take down of the bear.  Just as Iraq is being balkanized by the US the plan is to do the same to the Russian Federation.  The US-NATO want to control Russia's natural gas supply (the largest in the world) and they will do anything necessary to try to make that happen.... just like the US-NATO did to Libya (which has the largest oil supply on the African continent, and large supplies of water).

Russia has its limits and this move on their part to shut gas off to Kiev indicates that they are fed up with the games being played by Washington, London, and Brussels.

It will be interesting to see the counter-move by the US-NATO.  You can count on the fact that Washington has already given the script to Kiev as they implement their Strategy of Tension & Chaos.


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