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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Reports from eastern Ukraine include the following....see full report here

  • 100% confirmed reports of detention camps in areas west of Novorossiya. Evacuees going west by train and vehicle are being stopped by units of right sector [fascists]. Many are taken to these camps. Women and children are interrogated and usually released, some are held for further interrogation. No food or water is provided to the children or women. Men 16 to 50 years are locked in cells and interrogated by right sector and SBU. Evacuees released have all money and valuables taken and often documents, then are released on to roads. Local residents near camps terrified, will not speak or help released evacuees.
  • Many thousands of refugees from the fighting have arrived in Rostov area, Russia, some to Krimu. Russia and Russia civilians are helping the refugees. No refugee is hungry, all have some kind of shelter.
  • Confirmed reports of aircraft reinforcements and crews sent to Ukr forces from Poland and FRG [Germany]. Polish crews are confirmed flying combat missions, voices speaking Polish heard on tactical radio.
  • The Poroshenko peace plan is anything but a peace plan.  Basically, this plans foresees an unconditional surrender of Novorossia.  My [reporter from eastern Ukraine] personal conclusion is that this peace plans was drafted with the double purpose of declaring that a peace plan was on the table and to make sure that it would not be accepted by the Novorossians.  One could argue that this is just an initial plan and that it could be amended through negotiations.  However, this is also not the case because any serious peace plan would have to begin with an immediate and complete secession of all combat operations whereas Poroshenko only mentions "disarmament" and you can be absolutely certain that this is not a reference to his death squads.  Also, the liberation of the "illegally occupied" buildings means that the Ukie SBU and death squads would regain access to their buildings in the center of the Novorussian cities.  The bottom line is simple: Kiev is still hell-bent on a complete military victory and a total and unconditional surrender of Novorossia. 
  • Again, we have a situation in which Poroshenko or, should I say, Poroshenko's puppeteers in Washington, are absolutely determined to achieve either one of the following goals: (1) To extend Banderastan all the way to the Russian border (2) To force Russia to openly intervene militarily in the Donbass

  • This is a winning strategy because Kiev has the means to achieve at least one of these goals and Putin does not have a third option.  The Kremlin's preferred solution - to have Novorossia successfully resist the Ukie aggression - does not seem to be achievable, at least not if the Kremlin does not take dramatic action to change the dynamic on the ground.


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