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Saturday, May 11, 2013


There have been various periods of capital accumulation during US history.  The Robber Barons of the industrial age wrung everything they could from the working class.  The tactics they used then are very similar to those used today by their descendants on Wall Street.

During the late 1800's to early 1900's in the US there was much movement building in response to the greedy capitalists than ran the nation.  Labor, women's suffrage, farmers, Socialist, Communist, and other movements created the national pressures that led to Social Security, unemployment insurance, the eight-hour day and 40-hour work week, and other great leaps forward in human and economic rights.

Today much of this social progress is being dismantled as we see global corporations squeeze working class and poor people around the world.  These greedy bastards care nothing about the people.

Anyone paying the slightest attention can see that the public is now rising up in response and fighting back.  Here in the US and around the world students are increasingly organizing as are service industry workers, peace activists, climate change organizations, anti-austerity movements, civil liberties groups, native people with Idle No More, anti-foreclosure groups, and more.

All of these movements are pointing directly at the growing power of corporations who control our governments and use the forces of the state to try to repress us.  As these movements continue to grow their power will become so deep and wide that the police and military forces of any state won't be able to control them. 

Here in the US we now see super-majorities in the polls that oppose endless war, cuts in social spending, and more give-a-ways to Wall Street banksters.  Things break down for us though at the congressional level and courts as the corporations, not the people, control those levers of power.

Our solution will not come from the gun, or the halls of Congress or any Parliament.  Our collective victory against this current period of capital accumulation will only come by an energized global commons that takes their outrage into the streets in a massive show of non-violent protest.  This protest must not be a one-shot deal but sustained over time and must link energies and demands across the planet.

We the people of the world are brothers and sisters.  The global corporate class remains in power because they pit us against one another - using religion, skin color, language, and ignorance as their tools.

When we recognize the humanity in one another, and learn to love each other, then we will be able to take back the power to determine our future on this tiny beautiful orb spinning through space.


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