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Saturday, September 08, 2012


Paco writes from Jeju: 
Dunguree's Film about Sept. 8 and the march to the WCC Convention Center in Jungmun. No Subtitles but you can see the video to see what it was like.
Today was an incredible and great day. We had many visitors from the IUCN WCC, both people that came on their own and people that joined the tour. The village was filled with colorful graffiti and artwork. The police mostly hid, trying to pretend state oppression and violence is not a daily occurrence but I'm sure no one was fooled.

The Eco-Cide Tour planned for IUCN members was great. We had more participants than we expected and had to take the boat out twice. Everyone was very interested in and supportive of our struggle. Many of them plan to come back to the village again if they have time. They all bought and wore our new yellow "endangered species" Gangjeong shirts, some of them buy lots of them.

During the tours, a decent sized group marched from Gangjeong to Jungmun where the IUCN WCC convention is being held. There they had a big rally. The Eco-Cide Tour group also joined the rally as did other friends and supporters inside the IUCN. The rally was really exciting and fantastic, a really huge party with lots of colorful signs in English and Korean, chants in English and Korean, music, speeches, and of course the usual dances as well as the new "Gangjeong Style" dancing twice.

Overall it was a very positive and fantastic, although tiring, day for everyone. One particularly good news is related to our emergency motion we are trying to get passed in the IUCN WCC. We need 10 IUCN member group sponsors to get our motion considered. We got over 25! The response was fantastic, especially from many Latin and South American groups who work with environmental issues and fight with indigenous peoples against mega corporations.

There is a lot of energy here and even if this motion doesn't eventually pass we are all filled with new spirits just to see more people from around the world caring passionately about us and our movement and struggle.

Keep spreading the word!


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