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Monday, September 17, 2012


In recognition of the one year anniversary of the Occupy movement I post this song.  Let's stand and cheer that the people are rising bread in the oven.....keep rising.

Yesterday I heard an interview on National Public Radio (National Petroleum Radio) where a reporter was interviewing an "expert" about the Occupy movement.  What has it accomplished?  What has it done?  What good has it achieved?  The reporter kept pressing these questions not wanting to acknowledge anything of substance that has been done in the past year.

Can there be any doubt that Occupy has changed the discussion across the nation?  Can there be any doubt that more connections between issues are being made now than before?  Can there be a doubt that Occupy means many things - like the teachers strike in Chicago?  Occupy means fight back where you live.  Stand up, speak out, connect the dots, don't give in to corporate domination.

Occupy Wall Street in NYC plans to celebrate its one-year anniversary today with a “roving carnival of resistance.” The schedule includes nonviolent civil disobedience beginning near the New York Stock Exchange, a rally at Bowling Green and marches around the city’s downtown as night falls.  Local events are planned all over the nation as well.

Peter Woodruff and I will be doing an Occupy anniversary show tonight from 6:00-8:00 pm (EST) on our weekly radio program (this is a new time slot for us).  You can listen to WBOR at Bowdoin College live streaming on the Internet.  Just click here and hit the yellow Listen Now button at the top of the page.


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