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Bruce Gagnon is coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. He offers his own reflections on organizing and the state of America's declining empire....

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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. We must all do more to help stop this western corporate arrogance that puts the future generations lives in despair. @BruceKGagnon

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Peter Dale Scot a former Canadian diplomat and Professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley, is a poet, writer, and researcher. His most recent books are Drugs, Oil, and War (2005), The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America (2007), The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11 and the Deep Politics of War (2008) and Mosaic Orpheus (poetry, 2009).

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am staying at the home of long-time anti-nuclear activist Alice Slater in NYC. Last night we went to a meeting to plan for the April 30 - May 2 international grassroots conference and protest that will happen just before the United Nations Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference gets underway.

About 150 folks showed up last night and it was good to see many old friends there. The events are being called "For Peace and Human Needs - Nuclear Disarmament Now!" See the website here

I have been involved in the planning process on the international committee which has been meeting for about a year via conference calls. Dave Webb (CND Vice-Chair in England and our Global Network Chairperson) and I have volunteered to coordinate one of the workshop tracks for the April 30-May 1 international conference that will be held at Riverside Church in NYC. We will also be doing a workshop on space issues.

Then on May 2 a march and rally will be held in the city. Many groups are now involved and thousands of activists will be coming from all over the world. It should be exciting.

One of the really good things that is happening is that the whole program is going to be about connecting the dots between militarism, human needs, and climate change. Nuclear weapons of course will be a key component of the event, due to the NPT Review Conference, but we are putting the nukes in the larger context of U.S. militarism. One point made at the meeting last night is that we have to talk more about how national (homeland) security needs to be redefined. How can we be secure when jobs, education, and social spending are being cut and we are not effectively dealing with climate change? How can we be secure when our civil liberties are in danger?

Housing will be a premium next May. If you are planning to come to NYC and need to get a cheap hotel room you might want to deal with that soon. You can find info on "cheap" rooms here

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The magician at work again - send me info if you have a good idea on how to deal with health care he said last night. But for the last 6 months he has done everything possible to ignore and discourage the single-payer community.......I call it bloviation.

UPDATE: The very next day Dr. Flowers gets arrested in Baltimore for once again trying to give the magician information on single-payer, since he does not seem to know anything about it!


* I am in New York city doing some advance work on our May 9 Global Network annual membership meeting that will be held here during the NPT Review Conference events at the United Nations. Just found a good catering service for the lunch that day. Hard to guess-timate how many will be there so far in advance. Am writing this from the huge public library on the 3rd floor where they have wifi connection. There is a wet snow outside.

* My trip to Jeju Island for next week has been cancelled since the Navy base construction "ceremony" appears to have been postponed for another month or so. No one is completely sure the reasons for the postponement of the ceremony but all the recent international solidarity very well could have had some impact on that decision. The South Korean government might think in a month or so most folks will have forgotten about the conflict. It gives the Gangjeong village a bit more time to continue expanding their base of support. I am hopeful that the wonderful video they made will soon be available to us in English. I would imagine it would help the cause alot to get that video out to supporters around the world.

* I watched Obama's speech last night and felt like the magician played it just as would be expected. He talked about creating jobs and then went on to talk about more tax breaks for corporations and of course refused to even go near the military budget. He introduced his freeze on everything except the military so I can't see how he is going to be able to create jobs while freezing spending and cutting taxes on the corporations. More of the same slight-of-hand.

* Another reason I came to NYC is to go to a basketball game on Friday night with my son. We will go see my lowly Wizards play just over the river in New Jersey. Then on Saturday morning I will fly to Boston where I will speak at an exciting New England Anti-War Conference. See more info about it here

* The Feb 13 Draw-a-thon, poetry reading, pot luck supper that will be held at 5:00 pm in Bath, Maine at the UCC church is getting more exciting every day. More artists are signing up to be involved as the word gets out. You are not going to want to miss this event. The event is being organized to support our statewide Bring Our War $$ Home campaign.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This time it is Guam, but it is just another sad example of what happens when the U.S. military doubles its presence in the Asian-Pacific region and decides to build more bases.

In this video University of Guam Professor Michael Lujan Bevacqua details the environmental and societal devastation ahead for Guam if the U.S. proceeds to expand its military bases there (they already cover 1/3 of the island).

What happens to the people who are displaced? What happens to the land that is destroyed? What happens to the plant and animal life that is destroyed?

In America it is easy for activists to find ways to avoid dealing with the military boot print that is impacting people living near the 1,000 U.S. bases around the world. Sure we need to take personal responsibility by reducing our consumerist life style back here at home. That is an important step. But that does not alleviate the suffering that is happening today.

We also must find ways to stand in solidarity with people around the planet who are literally pleading with us to help them deal with the U.S. military machine that is being paid for with our tax dollars.

We must get real. Why can't we do more to call for an end to U.S. militarism?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Obama's announcement that he will propose a three-year spending freeze on all federal programs except for "military, veterans affairs, homeland security, and certain international programs" [read CIA] is just more of the slight of hand we are growing accustomed to seeing from the magician.

The good cop - bad cop corporate dominated Congressional scene in Washington DC wants us to believe they now care about the "middle class". We know they gave up on poor people long ago. But these little mid-course adjustments are just intended to calm the voters down. There is no real change going to be coming our way. The only change we are going to see are the few pennies that fall on the ground while the corporate banksters are looting the national treasury.

The fact that Obama, the Democrats, and the Republicans all agree that the Pentagon budget must have a firewall built around it to protect it from any cuts is all the evidence any of us need about where this country is really heading. Obama is now preparing his 2011 budget and the weapons industry publication Defense News ran a headline on January 20 called "Defense Contractors are Confident About Fiscal 2011 Budget."

The word has already gone out from Obama and the Democrats who control Congress. The military industrial complex does not need to worry during this economic collapse. You will be taken care of. It is everyone else in America that needs to be worried.

The U.S. now spends more than the rest of the world combined on the military but still Obama is going to increase military spending in 2011, just like he did in 2010.

We will see more cuts in social spending but the military will be protected, just the way the Democrats and Republicans have taken good care of the banks and are now going to take good care of the insurance companies. And as their reward, following this bad Supreme Court decision on campaign finance reform, the corporations will kick some money back to the compliant political hacks in both parties who play the game the right way. It's called "the free market."

Right now the corporate agenda is putting us all into a box. They are reducing our options to make effective political change possible. It is without a doubt a return to feudalism - the 21st century variety where we get a car and a color TV.

The oligarchy is having fun right now watching us scramble around as we try to figure out what we will do in response to their policies. More people everyday are saying they are done with the Democrats, which is good, but Mr. Big has a trump card. They will throw out a Sarah Palin and watch the frightened liberals run back to Obama prior to the 2012 national elections. And the oligarchy will sit and laugh over that one and slap each other on the back and take a swig of their expensive champagne and take a deep draw on their fat Cuban cigars.

In the meantime the oligarchy will fund the likes of Glenn Beck on Fox News who has become adept at following his instructions to seed hatred among the people. His latest gambit is that "progressives" are the new version of the 1950's "commies under every rock" trying to subvert the nation. Beck is stoking the fires of hatred and making sure that the growing legions of working class poor people keep their eyes off the real enemy - the rich corporate fat cats who pay Glenn Beck's salary.

Obama is much like Glenn Beck in that he sold his soul to the corporations. He is doing their bidding and willingly selling his political base down the river for a chance to grace the halls of the White House. The power structure knew he was ambitious and they had thoroughly vetted him long ago and had nurtured his meteoric rise in American politics. He too is doing what he has been told to do.

The similarities between Obama and Glenn Beck are that neither of them seems to have a conscience.

Our only hope is that people reject both of these cards in the deck. We have to reject the good cop and the bad cop. We should boycott both parties. The Democrats are showing us daily (in Washington, in our state legislatures, and in our town governments) that they will not fight for the people. Why should we stand and fight for them any longer?

I see that the hopium drug is wearing thin out there in TV land. The people are finally waking up from their long sleep. We must make sure that once they fully awake that they see some real political organizing going on in their communities that is ultimately relevant to their lives. That is our job. Increase the political options. Increase the level of political dialogue. Articulate a vision for the future that offers real hope to the people.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

January 26, 2010

Ambassador Yang Song-Chol
South Korean Embassy
2450 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20008

Dear Ambassador Yang:

We write in order to send you the enclosed list of 800 names [see blog entry below for the final list] from 31 countries representing peace, justice, environmental, religious, and education organizations. These signers of the “Appeal to Stop Navy Base Construction on Jeju Island” strongly urge your government to cancel all plans to build the proposed Navy base in the village of Gangjeong because of the obvious environmental damage it will do to the village, the water supply, the shore line, marine life, and to the UNESCO recognized coral just off the shore.

In addition it is our strong belief that the deployment of Naval Aegis destroyers (outfitted with so-called missile defense systems) and other warships on Jeju Island will be a destabilizing factor in the Asian-Pacific region as the U.S. and its allies (particularly Japan, Australia, and South Korea) are now moving to militarily surround China’s coastal region. This provocative action will only make the Asian-Pacific increasingly unstable as China today imports 80% of its oil on ships through the waters alongside Jeju Island. Your plan for the Navy base will help create the conditions that will lead to a new arms race in an already dangerous part of the world.

We also know with full confidence that the U.S. Navy will utilize any Naval base on Jeju Island as a port for its own Aegis destroyers and other warfighting ships which will in the end make Jeju, known as the “peace island”, a prime military target.

The signers of this appeal, all key activists and concerned citizens in their communities, are now pledged to follow this case closely on Jeju Island and to alert others about the dangerous plan to build the Navy base in Gangjeong.

By signing the appeal all the signers send their solidarity to the villagers of Gangjeong who are now struggling to protect their fishing and farming way of life from the devastation that would result from the construction of the Navy base.

We demand that the South Korean government immediately cease all plans for the Navy base. We call on your government to leave the people of Gangjeong to continue their peaceful way of life without further interruption or harassment from the police or the military.

We look forward to your prompt reply to our appeal, which we will forward, to our contacts around the world.

In peace,

Bruce K. Gagnon

Copy to: President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates


Some interesting words from MSNBC TV's Ed Schultz who recently spoke at Minnesota progressive talk radio Blue State Bash at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

During his remarks, Schultz revealed that he recently had a testy confrontation with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (Gibbs appeared on Schultz’s show this past Thursday). “Mr. Gibbs and I had quite a conversation off the air the other night,” he revealed:

SCHULTZ: I told him he was full of shit.... is what I told him.… And then he gave me the Dick Cheney f-bomb. … I told Robert Gibbs, I said “And I’m sorry you’re swearing at me, but I’m just trying to help you out. I’m telling you you’re losing your base. Do you understand you’re losing your base?”

Shultz sounds like a real populist and while I think he has more faith in the Democrats than I do, this is an interesting video. I appreciate his passion.

Sunday, January 24, 2010



Totems near the spot where Navy base would be built on Jeju Island

* The Maine chapter of Veterans for Peace held its annual retreat this weekend about an hour north of where I live. It was basically a planning meeting for the August 2010 national convention of the organization. Veterans for Peace was founded 25 years ago in Maine so this convention next summer will be an important one. I have cleared my calendar so I can be a working volunteer prior to and during this event. There is alot to do in order to make it a successful convention. One of my jobs will be to help sell commemorative program advertisements. Get you check books ready.

* It appears that I will be heading to Jeju Island during the first week of February. Activists on the island have invited me to come and have offered to pay for my trip. I would be bringing with me the list of names of those from 31 nations (800 organizations and individuals) who have signed the international solidarity appeal. You can see the latest updated version of the list just below. Each day we are getting more emails from folks around the planet who are learning about the Navy base plan and who are looking for ways to support the people of Gangjeong village. Just today we heard from an American artist who is now on Jeju Island and wants to contribute her environmental art to the effort. We also heard today from a political science professor at American University who specializes in researching foreign military bases. So the word is getting around.

* Also in recent days there has been a flurry of emails between activists about the important connection between these base struggles on Jeju Island, Okinawa, Guam, and Hawaii. Each of these islands is being heavily militarized as part of the U.S. strategy to double its military presence in the Asian-Pacific. All of these places face similar issues of environmental degradation due to militarization. There needs to be a greater linking of these island struggles into a coordinated sharing of strategy and resistance. Maybe a good start would be a speaking tour of one person from each of these islands that would visit the U.S. , Europe, and beyond. I would bet that anti-NATO movements in Europe would be very interested in learning more about these island base campaigns as the ever expanding NATO offensive military alliance is now moving into the Asian-Pacific region.

* The Washington Post reports today:

In a small town election that may have a big impact on U.S. ties with Japan, voters in Nago on Okinawa island chose a new mayor Sunday who opposes the relocation of a noisy U.S. military air base to his town.

The United States and Japan agreed four years ago to move the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, now located in a dense urban area in the center of Okinawa, to Nago, a town of 60,000 in the thinly populated northern part of the tropical island. It was to have been built on landfill along a pristine coast on the edge of the town.

But to the exasperation of the Obama administration, that deal was put on hold last fall after the election of a new government led by Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, who says Japan has been too passive in its dealings with the United States. Hatoyama has suggested that the base should be moved off Okinawa or out of Japan altogether -- and has also said that the outcome of the mayoral vote in Nago would be a factor in his government's final decision, which he has promised to make by May.

The Insular Empire Video Trailer

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Statement of Ralph Nader on Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission shreds the fabric of our already weakened democracy by allowing corporations to more completely dominate our corrupted electoral process. It is outrageous that corporations already attempt to influence or bribe our political candidates through their political action committees (PACs), which solicit employees and shareholders for donations. With this decision, corporations can now also draw on their corporate treasuries and pour vast amounts of corporate money, through independent expenditures, into the electoral swamp already flooded with corporate campaign PAC contribution dollars.

This corporatist, anti-voter decision is so extreme that it should galvanize a grassroots effort to enact a Constitutional Amendment to once and for all end corporate personhood and curtail the corrosive impact of big money on politics. It is indeed time for a Constitutional amendment to prevent corporate campaign contributions from commercializing our elections and drowning out the civic and political voices and values of citizens and voters. It is way overdue to overthrow “King Corporation” and restore the sovereignty of “We the People”!

For more information or to arrange interviews contact:
Ralph Nader
January 21, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010


The military industrial complex knows that their plan for endless war is controversial. They are moving to reduce the financial cost of their (per unit) technologies and trying to fight more wars with fewer soldiers. Thus their emphasis on robotic warfare.

What are the moral and ethical questions that arise? We need to start talking about them.....


South Korean plainclothes police kicks Gangjeong villagers
Artist rendering of the proposed Navy base at Jeju Island with Aegis destroyers ported there

We, the undersigned global organizations and individuals, call upon the South Korean and US governments to cancel all plans to build a Navy base on Jeju Island. The base will destroy coral reefs that have been listed as world heritage environmental sites by the UNESCO and will destroy the fishing and way of life of the people.

The deployment of naval Aegis destroyers, outfitted with missile defense systems, will be used to surround and provoke China and will make Jeju Island a prime target.

Jeju is called the peace island and must remain free of provocative military bases.

· Lawrence R. Abbott (San Leandro, California, USA)
· Hiromi Abe (Tokyo, Japan)
· Junko Abe (Matsuyama, Japan)
· Sue Ablao (Poulsbo, Washington, USA)
· Ray Acheson (Director, Reaching Critical Will, WILPF, New York, New York, USA)
· Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire (Saintes, France)
· Michael Adler (Gainesville, Florida, USA)
· Ahn, Byung Gil (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Christine Ahn (Korea Policy Institute, San Francisco, California, USA)
· AKBAYAN (People's Action Party List, Philippines)
· Deborah Allen (New York, New York, USA)
· Americans Who Tell the Truth (Brooksville, Maine, USA)
· Glen Anderson (Lacey, Washington, USA)
· Joan Anderson (Canada)
· Kagari Ando (West Vancouver, Canada)
· Anraku,Tomoko (Anti-Nuke Waste Campaign, Chubu, Japan)
· Haruki Aoyama (Chiba, Japan)
· Colin Archer (Secretary-General, International Peace Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland)
· Fumie Arimura (Nipponzan Myohoji, Tokyo, Japan)
· Judith Arnold (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
· Tomohiko Arimitsu (Photographer, Okinawa, Japan)
· Ilse E. Arndt (Aloha, Oregon, USA)
· Akira Asada (Takarazuka, Japan)
· Yuichi Ashina (Fukushima, Japan)
· Association of the Religious Followers for the Peace of Jeju (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Randy Atkins (Gainesville, Florida, USA)
· Robin Attfield (Professor of Philosophy, Cardiff University, Wales, UK)
· Debbie Atwood (Vice Chair, Brunswick Town Council, Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition
· Byungho Bae (Seoul, South Korea)
· Bae, Yu-Mi (Staff, Overseas Ecumenical Relations Department, the Presbyterian Church in the Republic fo Korea, Seoul, Korea)
· Bainbridge Island Paddle Society (Bainbridge, Washington, USA)
· Therese Barre (Colombe)
· Mario Basso (Movimento Nodal Molin, Vicenza, Italy)
· Edith Bell (WILPF, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
· L. R. Berger (NE Associate Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, Contoocook, New Hampshire, USA)
· Jean Beringer (Sioux City, Iowa, USA)
· Jennifer Berman (Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
· John Bernard (South Portland, Maine, USA)
· Karen Biesanz (Corning, New York, USA)
· Pat Birnie (WILPF Tucson Branch, Tucson, Arizona, USA)
· Phil Bittle (San Gabriel, California, USA)
· Tim Blanchette (Veterans for Peace, Falmouth, Maine, USA)
· Maureen Block (Bath, Maine, USA)
· Toby Blome (Bay Area CodePink, San Francisco, California, USA)
· Hon. William Boardman (Woodstock, Vermont, USA)
· Mary & Joan Boone (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada)
· David Borris (Northbrook, Illinois, USA)
· Muriel Bossier (Seoul, South Korea)
· Helen Boynton (Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Barbara Brädefors (Swedish Peace Committee, Stockholm, Sweden)
· Mary D. Branson (Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea)
· Ivan Braun (Bronx, New York, USA)
· Adam Breasley (Melbourne, Australia)
· André Brochu (Malmoe, Sweden)
· Buddhist Peace Solidarity (Korea)
· Bernice Bulgatz (Citizens for Social Responsibility, Boynton Beach, Florida, USA)
· Tim Bullock (New England Peace Pagoda, Leverett, Massachusetts, USA)
· Valentina Buraya (Primorskiy Branch Committee Peace Protecting of Russia, Russia)
· Burnsville and Eagan Peace Vigils (Minnesota, USA)
· Diane Cadonau (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)
· Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (Yorkshire, England)
· Michael Canney (Alachua County Green Party, Florida, USA)
· Theresa Carr (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
· Steve Carroll (Portland, Maine, USA)
· Bill & Mary Carry (The Peace and National Priorities Center of Oakland County, Sylvan Lake, Michigan, USA)
· Flolyn Catungal (Philippines)
· Central Alliance for National Self-Reliance and Peaceful Unification (Korea)
· Malcolm J. Chaddock (Veterans For Peace, Poulsbo, Washington, USA)
· Fredy Champagne (Veterans for Peace, Garberville, California, USA)
· David W. & Kathe Chipman (Harpswell, Maine, USA)
· Cho, Dae-Hwan (Subway worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Choe, Joon-Soo (General Secretary, Korea Peace Foundation, Seoul, Korea)
· Choe, Sang Cheol (Chief of General Affairs, Workers Institute of Social Science, Korea)
· Cheong, Myung-Duk (Subway worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Choi, Eun-A (Korea Alliance for Progressive Movement, and The South Headquarters of Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification, Seoul, Korea)
· Choi, InSoo (Seoul, South Korea)
· Choi, Gwang-Eun (Representative, Socialist Party of Korea, Seoul, Korea)
· Choi, Seong-Hwan (Construction worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Sung-Hee Choi (Incheon, Korea)
· Yoonjung Choi (Nautilus ARI, Seoul, South Korea)
· Lynn R. Chong (Common People's Peace Vigil, Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA)
· Christian Meeting for the Peace of the Jeju Island (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Emily Rose Ciscato (Vicenza, Italy)
· Enzo Ciscato (Vicenza, Italy)
· Citizens Network for Ban on Depleted Uranium Weapons (Tokyo, Japan)
· Civil Society Organization Forum for Peace, Inc. (Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines)
· Richard Clement (Veterans for Peace, Pittston, Maine, USA)
· R. Lane Clark (Santa Barbara, California, USA)
· Co- Chairmen’ Council of the Jeju Environmental Movement Association (Jeju Island, Korea)
· CODEPINK Women for Peace (USA)
· Phyllis Coelho (Belfast, Maine, USA)
· Jack & Felice Cohen-Joppa (The Nuclear Resister, Tucson, Arizona, USA)
· Betty Cole (Georgetown, Maine, USA)
· Charlotte Sheasbby-Coleman (Canada)
· Ian Collins (Liberty, Maine, USA)
· Nelson Cone (Veterans for Peace, Port Angeles, Washington, USA)
· Andrés Thomas Conteris (Program on the Americas Director, Nonviolence International, Washington, DC, USA)
· Rev. Bill Coop (Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Georgiann Cooper (PeaceWorks, Freeport, Maine, USA)
· Pauline Cory (Worthing, United Kingdom)
· Council for a Martyr, Yang Yong Chan (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Susan Crane (Jonah House, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
· Phyllis Creighton (Toronto Raging Grannies, Canada)
· Frances Crowe (Northampton, Massachusetts, USA)
· David Csik (Portland, Oregon, USA)
· Doug Cunningham (Pastor, New Day Church, Bronx, New York, USA)
· Fr. Bob Cushing (Pastor, St. Theresa Catholic Church, Cordele, GA, USA)
· Bob Dale (Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Sigrid & Ron Dale (Warren, Michigan, USA)
· Oyunsuren Damdinsuren (Lecturer, National University of Mongolia)
· Dr. Edwin E. Daniel (Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Canada)
· Stephen Dankowich (Director, Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights, Ontario, Canada)
· Darmstaedter Friedensforum (Darmstadt, Germany)
· Chris Davenport (ACT for the Earth, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
· Michael & Ava DeLorenzo (Harpswell, Maine, USA)
· Lynn DeFilippo (Fairbanks, Alaska, USA)
· Democratic Labor Party (Korea)
· Democratic Labor Party, Jeju Island Regional Branch (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Max M. de Mesa (Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates, Quezon City, Philippines)
· Christine A. DeTroy (Maine WILPF, Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Judith Deutsch (President, Science for Peace, University of Toronto, Canada)
· Michael Diaz (Vieques, Puerto Rico)
· Nilda Medina Diaz (Committee For the Rescue and Development of Vieques, Puerto Rico)
· Orji Nkemakonam Dickson (President, GOLHD Centre, Nigeria)
· Rainbo Dixon (PhD candidate, School of Biological Science and Biotechnology, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Australia)
· DMZ-Hawai/Aloha 'Aina
· Mike Dodd (St Columbans, Nebraska, USA)
· Alyce Dodge (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
· Richard Doherty (Seattle, Washington, USA)
· Pete Shimazaki Doktor (Honolulu, Hawai`i)
· Duncan Dow (San Francisco, California, USA)
· Jean Downey (Ten Thousand Things culture of peace blog, Kyoto, Japan)
· Dr. Myagmar Dovcin (Director of Blue Banner, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
· Paul Drinan (Portland, Maine, USA)
· Colleen M. Driscoll (Ph.D, Director, The Kurtz Institute of Peacemaking, Cheshire, Connecticutt, USA)
· Steve Dunn (Bangor, Maine, USA)
· Dr. John P. Dwyer & Dr. Karen N. Dwyer (Pax Christi Naples, Florida)
· Elihu Edelson (WW II veteran, Tyler, TeXas, USA)
· Marjorie Swann Edwin (Santa Cruz, California, USA)
· Akira Egami (Nipponzan Myohoji, Tokyo, Japan)
· Cheryl Eiger (North Bend, Washington, USA)
· Leonard Eiger (Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, North Bend, Washington, USA)
· Maggie Eisner (Bradford, United Kingdom)
· Jenefer Ellingston (Green Party, Washington DC, USA)
· Daniel Ellis (Veterans for Peace, Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Dr. Jorge Emmanuel (El Cerrito, California, USA)
· Jean Enriquez (Executive Director, CATW-AP, Philippines)
· Jun Enriquez (Civil Society Organization Forum For Peace, Philippines)
· Skorokhodova Evgeniya (Vladivostok, Russia)
· Corazon Valdez-Fabros (Citizen's Peace Watch, Philippines)
· Family Association for the Democratic Movement (Korea)
· Anna Farkas (U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice, Rome, Italy)
· Fellowship of Reconciliation (Nyack, New York)
· Mike Ferner (President, Veterans For Peace, Toledo, Ohio)
· Chris Fetterly (Prince George, BC, Canada)
· Cynthia Fischer (Director, Center for Environmental Education , West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA)
· Richard Fischer (Dubuque Peace, Bernard, Iowa, USA)
· Lotus Yee Fong (San Francisco, California, USA)
· Fredericton Peace Coalition (Canada)
· Friendship and Peace Society (Sarasota, Florida, USA)
· Stacey Fritz (No Nukes North, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA)
· Charles Fry (Moss Point, Mississippi, USA)
· Fumio Fujita (Nipponzan Myohoji, Tokyo, Japan)
· Ronald Fujiyoshi (U.S.-Japan Committee for Racial Justice, Honolulu, Hawai`i)
· Atsushi Fujioka (Kyoto, Japan)
· Manami Fujiwara (Osaka, Japan)
· Patricia Fullenweder (Portland, Oregon, USA)
· Ellen V. Fuller (Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia)
· Fundación de Arte Pictórico Alfonso Arana (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
· Thomas L. Fusco (Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Bruce Gagnon (Bath, Maine, USA)
· Ms. Lee M. Gagnon (Walpole, Massachusetts, USA)
· Kathryn Gaianguest (Lamoine, Maine, USA)
· Nancy Galland (Stockton Springs, Maine, USA)
· Vadim Gaponenko (Primorskiy Branch of Russian Peace Foundation, Vladivostok, Russia)
· Lorree Gardener (Olympia, Washington, USA)
· Jay E Garth Jr (Huntington, Texas, USA)
· Lydia Garvey (Clinton, Oklahoma, USA)
· Lorena Garzotto (Vicenza, Italy)
· Alfred J. Geiger (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
· Wendy Clarissa Geiger (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
· Gloria C. George (Aloha, Oregon, USA)
· Joseph Gerson (AFSC – Peace and Economic Security Program, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
· Anne Gibbons (Bronx, New York, USA)
· Philip Gilligan (Littleborough, United Kingdom)
· Starr C. Gilmartin (Trenton, Maine, USA)
· Eiko Ginoza (Citizens' Network for Biological Diversity in Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan)
· Luke Gizinski (Lewiston, Maine, USA)
· Filson H. Glanz (Durham, New Hampshire, USA)
· Mary Gleysteen (North Kitsap Neighbors for Peace, Kingston, Washington, USA)
· Ted Glick (Peace/Justice/Climate activist, Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA)
· Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
· Ernest Goitein (Atherton, California, USA)
· Iza Gonzales (Malolos City, Philippines)
· Laura L. Good (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
· Claire Gosselin (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
· Gotjawal Little School (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jill Gough (National Secretary, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Cymru)
· Alana Graham (Forest Grove, Oregon, USA)
· Holly Gwinn Graham (Olympia, Washington, USA)
· Rebecca A. Gray (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)
· Gray Panthers (Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA)
· Gray Panthers (Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)
· Michael Green (Ludlow, United Kingdom)
· Lynne Greenwald (Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Bremerton, Washington, USA)
· Henriette Groot (PhD, Cayucos, California, USA)
· Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action (Poulsbo, Washington, USA)
· Małgorzata Haładewicz-Grzelak (Opole, Poland)
· Irene E. Guido (No Dal Molin, Vicenza, Italy)
· Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
· Jean & Joe Gump (Bloomingdale, Michigan, USA)
· Sim Woo Gun (Steering Committee Members’ Association of the Uijungboo School, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Tsuneaki Gunjima (Fukuoka, Japan)
· Samira Gutoc (Lake Lanao protection advocate, Philippines)
· Kevin Haake (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)
· Anne Hablas (Fargo, North Dakota, USA)
· Joung, Hai-In (Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea, Incheon, Korea)
· Ellen Haight (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
· Duane Hall (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
· Kevin & Maggie Hall (Dunedin, Florida, USA)
· Marcia Halligan (Kickapoo Peace Circle, Viroqua, Wisconsin, USA)
· Han, Jung Ae (The Frontiers, Seoul, South Korea)
· Han, Soohyeon (Tokyo, Japan)
· Han, Sun-Nam (Wind in Peace, Kunsan, Jeollabuk-do, Korea)
· Jane Hanna (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
· Kyoko Hara (Vancouver, Canada)
· Jenny Hardacre (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
· Clare Hariri (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
· Amy Harlib (New York, New York, USA)
· Jack Harrington (Deer Isle, Maine, USA)
· Margaret Harrington (co-chair, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Dismantle the War Economy Leadership Team, Richford, Vermont, USA)
· Kate Harris (Belfast, Maine, USA)
· Norma J F Harrison (Berkeley, California, USA)
· Headingley Green Party (Headingley, England)
· Health Care Solidarity, Korean Public Service Union, Jeju Headquarter (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Kneath Heard (Seogwipo-Si, Jeju Island, South Korea)
· Andrew Heaslet (Peace Economy Project, St Louis, Missouri, USA)
· Suzanne Hedrick (Pax Christi, Nobleboro, Maine, USA)
· Valerie Heinonen, o.s.u. (Ursulines of Tildonk for Justice and Peace
New York, New York, USA)
· Jenny Heinz (New York, New York, USA)
· Dud Hendrick (Veterans for Peace, Deer Isle, Maine, USA)
· Reiko Hidaka (Oita, Japan)
· Noboru Hidaka (Ageo,Japan)
· Fujioka Hiromi (Dazaifu, Japan)
· Filo Hirota (Rome, Italy)
· John Hock (Forest Grove, Oregon, USA)
· Herbert J. Hoffman (Ogunquit, Maine, USA)
· Hyun Hoheon (Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea, South Gyunggi branch, Paju, Korea)
· Janet Holden (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
· Boram Hong (Seoguipo, Jeju Island, South Korea)
· Hong, Sung-Hak (Korean Professors Union, Chungjoo, Korea)
· Mari Hoshikawa (Tokyo, Japan)
· Lyn Hovey (Riddells Creek, Victoria, Australia)
· Celeste Howard (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)
· Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities (Korea)
· Janet Hudgins (Vancouver, Canada)
· Jackie Hudson (Poulsbo, Washington, USA)
· Kimberly Hughes (Co-coordinator, Peace Not War Japan, Tokyo, Japan)
· Kim So Hun (National Visual Artists’ Association, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Hye, Kyoung An (Jejudo, South Korea)
· Bhak Yong Hyun (Co-Representative, Veterans For Peace, South Korea)
· Fourat Idan (Medical student, Bratislava, Slovakia)
· Vicki Impoco (Satellite Beach, Florida, USA)
· Akiko Inari (Kyoto, Japan)
· Takashi Inatsuki (Sayama City, Japan)
· Inc. Child Book, Jeju Regional Council (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Individuals For Justice (Portland, Oregon, USA)
· Yuko Inui (Miyagi, Japan)
· Megumi Ishibashi (Chiba, Japan)
· Akiko Ishikawa (Fukuoka, Japan)
· Haruko Ishikawa (Catholic religious, Tokyo, Japan)
· Island Peace & Justice (Deer Isle, Maine, USA)
· Kanji & Simako Ito (Stone Walk Korea, Fukuoka Japan)
· Katsuhisa Itoh (Nagoya, Japan)
· Iwakawa, Yasuhisa (Chiba, Japan)
· Hideo Iwasa ( Kyoto, Japan )
· Helen Jaccard (Seattle, Washington, USA)
· Marshall Jack (Arizona, USA)
· Sally Jacques (Austin, Texas, USA)
· Carol Jahnkow (Executive Director, Peace Resource Center of San Diego, California, USA)
· Fred Jakobcic (Marquette, Michigan, USA)
· Jang, Hyun-Sool (Transportation worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Jang, Kyung Wook (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Linda Jansen (Stand Up Seattle, Washington, USA)
· Japan Anti-War Network
· Jeju 4.3 Research Institute (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jeju Association for Women’s Right (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jeju Island 4.3 People’s Solidarity (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jeju Nohoe Church & Society Council, Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jeju People’s Self-Governing Solidarity (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jeju Solidarity for Participatory Self-Government & Environmental Preservation (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jeju Women’s Association (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jeju Young People’s Council for Unification (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jo, Jung Nae (The Frontiers, Seoul, South Korea)
· Chadwick Johnson (Amherst, Massachusetts, USA)
· Paul Johnson (Abermain, NSW, Australia)
· Brian Jones (Swansea CND, Wales)
· Ronald Jones (Solvang, California, USA)
· Joo, Byung-Joon (Chairman, Ohyun-ri Villiage People’s Committee against the Expansion of the Mugeon-ri Military Training Fields, Paju, Korea)
· Joo, Seol-lak (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Women’s Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Carla Josephson (Stop The War Machine, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA)
· Jung, Ae-Jung (Countermeasure Committee against the Leukemia, Samsung Semiconductor, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Jung, Hye Eun (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Jung, Hyun-Back (Professor, Dept. of History, Sung Kyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim Hyun-Jung (Busan YMCA coordinator, Busan, Korea)
· Jung, Woo-Soo (Korea Alliance for Progressive Movement, Seoul, Korea)
· Masa Kagami (Article 9 Association, Vancouver, Canada)
· Kyle Kajihiro (American Friends Service Committee, Honolulu, Hawaii)
· Ramya Kane (Kerald, India)
· Naoka Kaneko (Japan)
· Kang, Ik-Hyun (herb doctor, Jeonbuk-do, Korea)
· Kang, Jeong-Koo (Co-representative, Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea, Seoul, Korea)
· Kang, Sang-Won (Director, Pyeongtaek Peace Center, Pyeongtaek, Korea)
· Ito Kanji (Stone Walk Korea, Fukuoka Japan)
· Sharon Carmin Karasic (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
· Leah R. Karpen (WILPF, Asheville, North Carolina, USA)
· Kazuhiro Kato (Kushima, Japan)
· Fuji Katsuhiko (Nagoya City, Japan)
· Yuko Katsuren (Kumamoto, Japan)
· Hubert Kauffman (Ph.D., Oxford, Maine, USA)
· Masami Kawamura (Director, Citizens' Network for Biological Diversity in Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan)
· Alan F. Kay (St Augustine, Florida, USA)
· Hizumi Kazuo (Tokyo, Japan)
· Benton Kealii Pang (Ph.D., Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
· Celine Keating (New York, New York, USA)
· Kim Yoon Kee (National Visual Artists Association, Seoul, Korea)
· Fritz & Natalie Kempner (Woolwich, Maine, USA)
· Kenko (Musician, Save Awase Association, Okinawa, Japan)
· Randy Kezar (Kingston, New Hampshire, USA)
· Kickapoo Peace Circle (Viroqua, Wisconsin, USA)
· Boong-ang Kim (Tokyo, Japan)
· Daesung Kim (Northridge, California, USA)
· Kim, Dong Won (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Eun (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Kim, Gil-Ja (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Kim, Gui Ok (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Hei-Jeong (staff, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Women’s Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Kim, Ho Hyun (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Hye Soon (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Hyoshin Kim (D.Ed., Academic Manager, Continuing Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)
· Kim, Hyun-Jung (YMCA coordinator, Busan, Korea)
· Kim, Jae-Heyung (Lifepeace Fellowship, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Jae Hyun (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Kim, Ji Young (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Joo-Hee Kim (Seoul, South Korea)
· Kim, Hwan Young (Secretary General, Veterans For Peace, South Korea)
· Kim, Jong-Il (Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea, Executive Chairperson of the Pan-Korean Committee against the Expansion of the Mugeon-ri Military Training Fields, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Kang Youn (Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea, Incheon, Korea)
· Kim, Kwang-Chang (Service worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Kim, Kwang-Hee (Subway worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Kim, Lae-Gon (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Ms. Kim, Mi-Kyun, (Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Myung Sook (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Seong-Hwan (Representative, Samsung General Labor Union,
Incheon, Korea)
· Kim, Sung-Kyun (Citizens’ Campaign for Media Consumer Rights, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Sung-Wook (Korea Alliance for Progressive Movement, Seoul, Korea)
· Kim, Tae-Jin (Subway worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Kim, Yeong (Korean resident in Tokyo, Japan)
· Kim, Young-Je (National Director for the Reunification Unit, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Seoul, Korea)
· Beth Kinney (Alamosa, Colorado, USA)
· Jack Kirkwood (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
· Hiromitsu Kitsu (Nipponzan Myohoji, Tokyo, Japan)
· Margery T. Kivel (Dowagiac, Michigan, USA)
· Ingeborg Kleinhans (Västerås, Sweden)
· Tomoo Kobashigawa (Photographer, Save Awase Association, Okinawa, Japan)
· Koh, Gill-Chun (Tamra Visual Artists' Association, Jeju City, Jeju island, Korea)
· Korea Alliance for Progressive Movement
· Korea Association of Bereaved Families For Democracy (Korea)
· Korea Labor and Society Institute (Korea)
· Korean Catholic Peasants League (Korea)
· Korean Christian Alliance for Social Mission (Korea)
· Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Jeju Regional Council (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Korean Council for Democratic Martyrs (Korea)
· Korean Democratic Government Workers’ Union (Korea)
· Korean Peasants League (Korea)
· Korean Peasants League, Jeju Regional Council (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Korean People’s Artist Federation in Jeju (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Korean Teachers and Education Workers' Union (Korea)
· Korean Teachers and Education Workers' Union, Jeju Regional Council (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Korean University Student Societies’ Association (Korea)
· Korean Women Association (Korea)
· Korean Woman Peasant Association, Jeju Island Regional Council (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Jeanne Koster (Watertown, South Dakota, USA)
· Ku, Joong-Seo (Wind in Peace, Kunsan, Jeollabuk-do, Korea)
· Naoya Kuwae (Okinawa Environment Network, Okinawa, Japan)
· Brenda Kwon (Honolulu, Hawai'i)
· Kwon, Oh-Hun (Chairperson, Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Ariel Ky (Jinan, China)
· Kyoko, Ohno (Ehime, Japan)
· Kim Seo Kyung (National Visual Artists’ Association, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Kuniko Kuroda (Japan)
· Labor Human Rights Center (Korea)
· Ana Lachelier (West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice, Connecticut, USA)
· Frances Laing (Chester, England)
· Susan Lannen (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
· Brian Larkin (Trident Ploughshares, Helensburgh, Scotland)
· Barbara Larson (Arizona, USA)
· Dave Laskey (Veteran Against Nuclear Arms, Vancouver, Canada)
· Barbara Laxon (Miramar, Florida, USA)
· Lee, Bong Ju (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Lee, Byung Min (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Lee, Dong-Hee (Construction worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Lee, Haengri (Tokyo, Japan)
· Lee, In-Hwan (Subway worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Lee, Ji Eun (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Lee, Jung-Tae (Subway worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Lee, Kwang-Yeol (Supporting Committee for the Restrained Workers, Seoul, Korea)
· Lee, Kyung-Won (The South Headquarters of Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification, Seoul, Korea)
· Lee, Mi-Young (Secretary, Incheon Citizens’ Solidarity, Incheon, Korea)
· Lee, Ou-Back (Railroad worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Lee, Seung Mi (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Samsung Lee (Professor, Hallym University, Namyangju City, South Korea)
· Lee, Suk-Jae (Seaport worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Lee, Tae-Hwan (Seaport worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Lee, Won Hyung (Seoul, South Korea)
· Lee, Yong Joon (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Lee, Young Soon (Supreme Committee member, Democratic Labor Party, Seoul, Korea)
· Lee, Yu-Kyung (Journalist, Bangkok, Thailand)
· Lee, Yun-Hee (National Council of YMCAs of Korea, Life-Peace Center, Seoul, Korea)
· Lillia Langreck (SSND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
· Nydia Leaf (New York, New York, USA)
· Haeng Woo Lee (Princeton Junction, New Jersey, USA)
· Louise Legun (Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA)
· Roger Leisner (Radio Free Maine, Augusta, Maine, USA)
· David Lenderts (M.D., Alamosa, Colorado, USA)
· Bob Lezer (Veterans for Peace, Freeport, Maine, USA)
· Lim, Kyung-Ok (Samsung General Labor Union, Incheon, Korea)
· Francine Lindberg (El Prado, New Mexico, USA)
· Ivy Lobato (Belfast, Maine, USA)
· Joyce & Ray Lockard (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
· Paul Lockwood (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
· Loukie Lofchie (Brunwick Peaceworks, Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Joe Walsh-Lone (Portland, Oregon, USA)
· Hector L. Lopez (Ponce, Puerto Rico)
· Lewis Lubka (Fargo, North Dakota, USA)
· Nancy Lynch (Santa Barbara, California, USA)
· Eric A. Lynn (Walpole, Massachusetts, USA)
· Peggy Lyons (Floral Park, New York, USA)
· Sarah Roche-Mahdi (Cambridge Massachusetts, USA)
· Yoshikazu Makishi (Okinawa, Japan)
· Naoko Makita (Kyoto, Japan)
· Jeannie Nacpil Manipon (Philippines)
· Sr. Gladys Marhefka (SGM, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA)
· Wanda R. Marin (Vieques, Puerto Rico)
· Jonathan Mark (Publisher-Editor,, Massachusetts, USA)
· Deb Marshall (Little Deer Isle, Maine, USA)
· Anita Mason (Bristol, United Kingdom)
· Hiromitsu Masuda (Chiba, Japan)
· Ken Masuoka (Tokyo East Timor Association, Tokyo, Japan)
· Jean-Marie Matagne (President of ACDN, Doctor in Philosophy, Saintes, France)
· Hideomi Matsubara (Nagoya, Aichi, Japan)
· Akiro Matsumoto (Professor, St.Thomas University, Osaka, Japan)
· Anne M. Matthes (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)
· Jenny Maxwell (West Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Birmingham, United Kingdom)
· Natasha Mayers (Whitefield, Maine, USA)
· Gunji Mayumi (Yokohama City, Japan)
· Dr. Ross McCluney (Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA)
· Vel McConnell (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
· Joan McCoy (Home for Peace & Justice, Saginaw, Michigan, USA)
· Laurie McGowan (Mochelle, Nova Scotia, Canada)
· Jo McIntire (Saint Augustine, Florida, USA)
· Betty McLellan (Townsville, Australia)
· Lynn Meadows (Green Party of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)
· Nilda Medina (Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, Puerto Rico)
· Duncan Berman Melville (Scotland)
· Rachael Berman Melville (Artist, USA)
· Helen N. Mendoza (SOLJUSPAX, Philippines)
· Yvonne Mersereau (New Brunswick, Canada)
· Alice Meyer (Brunswick, Maine, USA)
· Bernie Meyer (Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action & Fellowship of Reconciliation, Olympia, Washington, USA)
· Robert (Tito) Meyer (Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA)
· Dr. Hannah & Denis Middleton (Sydney, Australia)
· James R. Miles (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
· Carol Miller (PeaceEconomy, New Mexico, USA)
· Virginia J. Miller (Legislative Coordinator, NM Department of Peace Initiative, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
· Glen Milner (Seattle, Washington, USA)
· James X. Mitchell (Americans Against the War, Paris, France)
· Vasiliki Mitsiniotou (Greece)
· Nobuko Miyahara (Miyazaki, Japan)
· Mitsuo Miyamura (Fukuoka, Japan)
· Izumi Miyanishi (Mie, Japan)
· Mo, Ji-Hee (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Mo, Sung-Ryong (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Grete Moller (Brondby Strand, Denmark)
· Anne Montgomery (Disarm Now Plowshares group, Seattle, Washington, USA)
· Choi Sa Mook (Co-Representative, Veterans for Peace (Corea), Seoul, Korea)
· Carolyn Moon (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)
· Fr. Moon, Kyu-hyun(Catholic Priest, South Korea)
· Barbara Moore (Big Island Health & Wellness Alliance, Hawaii)
· Damien Moran (Warsaw, Poland)
· Carmelita Morante (Bulacan, Philippines)
· Ayako Morimoto (Japan)
· Hiroko Morimoto (Japan)
· Nao Morimoto (Japan)
· Syu Morimoto (Japan)
· You Morimoto (Japan)
· Haruko Moritaki (NO DU Hiroshima Project, Japan)
· Paul Charbonnet Moulton (Tallahassee, Florida, USA)
· Masumi Mukai (Chiba, Japan)
· Fr. Mun, Jung Hyun (Wind in Peace, Kunsan, Jeollabuk-do, Korea)
· Ma. Divina Munoz (Malolos City, Philippines)
· Na, Yong-Moo (Subway worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Katy Nadel (Portland, Oregon, USA)
· Yoshie Nakamura (Tokyo, Japan)
· Yuuko Nakamura (Kunitachi, Japan)
· Ayako Nakanishi (Yokohama, Japan)
· Jeff Nall (Humanists for Peace, Brevard County, Florida, USA)
· Kitazawa Naoko (Tokyo, Japan)
· Na, Soon Suk (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Nebraskans for Peace (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)
· Judie Neitge (Mankato, Minnesota, USA)
· Ana Maria R. Nemenzo (WomanHealth Philippines)
· Sarah Nevin (Edgartown, Massachusetts, USA)
· Atsuko Nishimura (Kyoto, Japan)
· Hideki Nitta (Peace Link Hiroshima, Kure, Iwakuni, Japan)
· Masayo Niwa (Tokyo, Japan)
· Sr. Arnold Maria Noel (SSPS, Philippines)
· Noh, Hyun-Ki (Secretary, Civil Council against the Golf Field and for the Incheon Civil Park, Incheon, Korea)
· Noh, Hyuk (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Tamio Nomura (Tokyo, Japan)
· Satoko Norimatsu (Director, Peace Philosophy Centre, Vancouver, Canada)
· Nukewatch (Luck, Wisconsin, USA)
· Max Obuszewski (Baltimore Nonviolence Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
· Nancy O'Byrne (Co-ordinator, Pax Christi Northeast Florida, St. Augustine, Florida, USA)
· Naniki Reyes Ocasio (Orocovis, Boriken, Puerto Rico)
· David Occhiuto (Producer WBAI/Pacifica Radio, New York, New York, USA)
· Eiichiro Ochiai (Vancouver, Canada)
· Tadashi Ogata (Aoba, Japan)
· Takao Ogata (Fukuoka, Japan)
· Oh, Hye Ran (SPARK, Seoul, South Korea)
· Ohashi, Shinji (Shizuoka, Japan)
· Junko Ohkura (Ireland)
· Yutaka Ohno (Kyoto, Japan)
· Natsuko Ohta (Madrid, Spain)
· Ohyun-ri Villiage People’s Committee against the Expansion of the Mugeon-ri Military Training Fields, Paju, Korea
· Yoshiko Okada (Tokyo, Japan)
· Motoko Okamura (Japan)
· Ms. Michiko Oki (Niiza-shi, Saitama Pref, Japan)
· Reverend Gerald Oleson (O.C.F., Gorham, New Hampshire, USA)
· Jon Olsen (Jefferson, Maine, USA)
· Manuel F. O'Neill (Vermont-Puerto Rico Solidarity Committee, Woodbury, Vermont, USA)
· Yoko Oohara (Oita,Japan)
· Kyouko Oono (Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan)
· Ismael Guadalupe Ortiz (Municipal Legislator, Movimiento de Afiracion Viequense, Vieques, Puerto Rico)
· Nana Paldi (Fairbanks, Alaska, USA)
· Jim Palmer (Stetson, Maine, USA)
· Molly Duplisea-Palmer (Stetson, Maine, USA)
· Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification (PKAR), South Korean branch, Korea
· Pan-Korean Association for Reconciliation (Korea)
· Pan-Korean Committee against the Expansion of the Mugeon-ri Military Training Fields (Seoul, Korea)
· Pan-Korean Democratic Workers’ Council (Korea)
· Pan-Korean Government Workers’ Union, Jeju Regional Council (Jeju Island, Korea)
· Pan-Korean Poor People’s Association (Korea)
· Park, Jin-Woo (Suwon, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
· Park, Seung-Ho (Institute for Democratic Labor In Memory of Jun Tae-Il, Seoul, Korea)
· Park, Sung-Yong (Chairperson, Nonviolent Peaceforce Corea, Seoul, Korea)
· Park, Won-Bae (Construction worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Park, Yoon Kyung (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Lewis E. Patrie, MD (Chair, Western N. C. Physicians for Social Responsibility, Asheville, North Carolina, USA)
· Pat Patterson (Claremont, California, USA)
· Gloria G. Paul (New Brunswick, Canada)
· Rosalie Tyler Paul (Maine Green Party, Georgetown, Maine, USA)
· Terrence Paupp (V-P of North America, International Association of Educators for World Peace, Bend, Oregon, USA)
· Peace Alliance (Winnipeg, Canada)
· Peasants’ Pharmacy (Korea)
· Lindis Percy (Harrogate, England)
· Alberto Peruffo (Vicenza, Italy)
· Anna Polo (Europe for Peace, Italy)
· Sergey Ponomarev (Maritime State University, Russia)
· Jeff Prager (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
· Preparatory Council for the Federation Unification of Our Nation (Korea)
· Rudolf Prevratil (No To Bases civic initiative, Prague, Czech Republic)
· Amy Prosser (Richmond, California, USA)
· Pyon, Eui Sook (Supporting Committee for Prisoners of Conscience, Seoul, Korea)
· Pyon, Yeon-Shik (Co-representative, Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea, Seoul, Korea)
· Bryan Quinlan (Shanghai, China)
· Francis E. Quinn (Bandon, Oregon, USA)
· Robert Rabin (Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, Vieques, Puerto Rico)
· Joyce Raby (Sarasota, Florida, USA)
· Carla L. Rael (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
· J. Narayana Rao (Nagpur, India)
· Elsa Rassbach (Berlin, Germany)
· Doug Rawlings (Veterans for Peace, Chesterville, Maine, USA)
· Phyllis Reames (Portland, Maine, USA)
· Annetta Marie Reams (Vicenza, Italy)
· John Reese (Alcalde, New Mexico, USA)
· Paul & Katja Rehm (Greenville, New York, New York, USA)
· Lawrence Reichard (Bangor, Maine, USA)
· Carla Rensenbrink (Topsham, Maine, USA)
· John Rensenbrink (Green Party, Topsham, Maine, USA)
· Pyo Myung Reol (Executive Representative, Veterans For Peace, South Korea)
· Phil Restino (Central Florida Veterans For Peace, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)
· Rete Nazionale Disarmiamoli! (Italy)
· Elayne Richard (Fairfield, Maine, USA)
· Rosalie G. Riegle (Evanston, Illinois, USA)
· Tim Rinne (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)
· Mariangeles Rivera (Sunbay Yoga, Vieques, Puerto Rico)
· Christine M. Roane (Springfield, Massachusetts, USA)
· Peter & Judy Robbins (Sedgwick, Maine, USA)
· Lori Robertson (Florence, Oregon, USA)
· Ellen R. Robinson (Coordinator, Albuquerque Raging Grannies, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
· Nora H Rodriguez (Presidio Permanente, No Dal Molin, Vicenza, Italy)
· Linda Rogers (Llangoed, Ynys Mon, North Wales)
· Rogue Valley Veterans for Peace (Chapter 156, Oregon, USA)
· Roh, Oh-Nam (wood worker, Seoul, Korea)
· Roh, Suk-Soo (Subway worker, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Busan Regional Council, Busan, Korea)
· Mark Roman (Waterville Area Bridges For Peace & Justice, Solon, Maine, USA)
· Chris Rooney (The Christian Radical Blog, Vancouver Catholic Worker, Vancouver BC Canada)
· Loretta Ann Rosales (Philippines)
· Ellen Rosser (Sarasota, Florida, USA)
· Herbert Rothschild Jr. (Talent, Oregon, USA)
· Paula Boyer Rougny (Bangor, Maine, USA)
· Coleen Rowley (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
· Fred Ruch (Melbourne, Florida, USA)
· Christopher C. Rushlau (Portland, Maine, USA)
· Kathleen Russell (Spokane, Washington, USA)
· Mervyn Russell (Oakville Community Centre for Peace , Ecology and Human Rghts, Ontario, Canada)
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Mayor Kang out of jail after two day hunger strike

You will see below that my post of a video from Jeju Island has been blacked out. Reports from South Korea indicate similar stories there.

The web site called No Base Stories of Korea had all of their videos from Jeju blacked out. See it here

It appears that the international protest response to the South Korean government is having an impact. It is obvious that only they, and the U.S. military, would have an interest in removing these videos!

By the way, the mayor of Geongjong, Kang Dong-Kyun, has been released after a couple days of hunger striking in jail.

Keep sending your international solidarity messages to the villagers on Jeju Island. Send to:

On 1:00 pm on Thursday the video reappeared after folks in South Korea had begun a media campaign to bring attention to the fact that the videos had been taken down from the Internet


This video is about another controversial military base in the Asian-Pacific. This one is about a U.S. Marine air field that is also now under development in Henoko on Okinawa, Japan.

In this case the air field would extend out into the ocean and destroy coral and habitat of the Dugong sea mammal.

Okinawa is loaded with U.S. military bases already and the people want them all closed.

The similarity to the fight in Okinawa and on Jeju Island is striking. But the real question is why are these bases being built? Is it because of North Korea?

Absolutely not. It is because the U.S. Pentagon is now doubling its military presence in the Asian-Pacific as it attempts to encircle China's coastal region. This aggressive U.S. move for global domination is being resisted by the people in South Korea, Japan, and Guam (where other U.S. bases are being dramatically expanded.

The U.S. base at Futenma is one of 30 bases in Okinawa, an island that makes up only 1% of Japan’s land mass while shouldering the burden of 75% of the U.S. military installations in Japan. That presence includes over 28,000 American troops, rivaling the number deployed to the active war zone of Afghanistan.

In the case of Jeju Island in South Korea it is the South Korean government building the base as a homeport for Aegis destroyers. With full confidence we can say that U.S. Navy Aegis destroyers (made right here in Bath, Maine) will also be ported at the new base on Jeju primarily due to its proximity to Chinese shipping lanes which they use to import 80% of their oil. These Aegis ships carry "missile defense" systems whose job is to take out China's nuclear retaliatory capability after a U.S. first-strike attack. Hard to believe I know, but the Space Command has been annually computer war gaming such an attack in recent years.

U.S. Secretary of War Robert Gates comments were quite revealing last spring when he said, "We're converting more ships to have ballistic missile defense that would help against China."

Put the pieces of the puzzle together and see the writing on the wall.

A second excellent video about U.S. militarism on Okinawa

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Just one example of real aid being rejected by the U.S. military that now controls the airport in Haiti:

A Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) cargo plane carrying 12 tons of medical equipment, including drugs, surgical supplies and two dialysis machines, was turned away three times from Port-au-Prince airport since Sunday night despite repeated assurances of its ability to land there. This 12-ton cargo was part of the contents of an earlier plane carrying a total of 40 tons of supplies that was blocked from landing on Sunday morning. Since January 14, MSF has had five planes diverted from the original destination of Port-au-Prince to the Dominican Republic. These planes carried a total of 85 tons of medical and relief supplies.

See the full article here

The attitude of the U.S. authorities toward Haiti is well illustrated by the following telegram which the U.S. Acting Secretary of the Navy sent on October 2, 1915, to Admiral Caperton, in charge of the forces in Haiti: "Whenever the Haitians wish, you may permit the election of a president to take place. The election of Dartiguenave is preferred by the U.S."


(Snow date Saturday, February 27)
5:00 PM

Think that we overspend on the military? Artists and poets are looking for new ways to visualize how we could spend the $2.5 billion that Maine taxpayers’ have spent on war!

Join us for a draw-a-thon/gathering of visionaries, artists, and non-artists in support of the Maine Campaign to Bring Our War $$ Home.

Artists and poets will assemble early on Feb 13 to create images and words showing how we could spend the $2.5 billion of Maine taxpayers’ money that has already been wasted on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

A community potluck dinner will be held after the draw-a-thon, followed by a poetry reading with Betsy Sholl (Maine's poet laureate), Henry Braun, Chris Crittenden, and others, and music by Hana Maris (5-8 PM).

Kenny Cole and Natasha Mayers are organizing this event, along with a new coalition of Maine peace groups called Bring Our War $$ Home.

Participating artists include: Abby Shahn, Alan Crichton, Alison Hildreth, Arthur Fink, Barb Sullivan, Brian Reeves, Bud Swenson, Carolyn Coe, Corliss Chastain, Diane Dahlke, Elizabeth Kelley, Emily Posner, Jean Noon; Joan Braun, Kenny Cole, Lynn Harwood, Martin Steingesser, Natasha Mayers, Nora Tryon, Pat Wheeler, Peter Buotte, Prison Inmates, Rob Shetterly, Robin Brooks, Ronnie Wilson, Shanna Wheelock, and Susan Beebe.

For more info contact: Natasha Mayers at 549-7516 or Bruce Gagnon at 443-9502

Map to the church here


So far 47 people from the village Gangjeong have been arrested on Jeju Island trying to stop the Navy from beginning construction of the base. All but the mayor, Kang Dong Kyun, have been released. It appears that the South Korean government will try to keep the mayor from being able to lead the protests in the future.

A call has gone out from the villagers for people from around the world to come to Gangjeong to show international solidarity.

According to our South Korean contacts:

In the video, the navy is saying the land has become to be owned, by the Ministry of the National Defense, on Sept. 24 last year and the village people are illegally occupying the land. The village people who have watched all the illegal and improper processing and passing of the bills on the naval base, by the Jeju special government and the Island assembly, in the snatched-way, are strongly protesting, chanting, “Absolutely No Naval Base” .

It is heard that the mayor was blocking the navy and police with his own body behind the fire. And the police, ignoring his safety attacked the mayor. The informant in the village says the mayor must have been greatly wounded during the body struggle.

There are more stories coming about the people who got wounded during the struggle. One man had to get the bandage in his leg.

Even more videos can be seen here

Monday, January 18, 2010


The yellow flags made by the village people say 'No Naval Bases'

Your Support Urgently Needed

Situation on Jan. 18, Gangjeong Village, South Korea

Around 5am Monday: 500 police were mobilized with three cranes. Police raided the planned site for the ceremony for starting to work on the naval base [which will be home base for Navy Aegis destroyers of U.S. and South Korea outfitted with "missile defense" systems and used to surround China's coast]. It is in the east side of the village and the village people had been barricading the site with the cars since when the cranes contracted by the navy first entered the site on Jan. 6. About 30 village people succeeded to block it at the time. It is known that the
police harshly acted today, against the people who are mostly in their old ages. The village people laid their bodies on the ground and cried to rather kill all of them. They pushed the old women and men. The police did not even mind women’s underwears were taken off during
the body struggles. The whole story reminds the Pyeongteak when the police attacked the village early in the dawn of May 4, 2006.

Around 6~8pm: About 47 village people including a mayor were taken away to the police station. The police unconditionally took away all
the people if they protested.

8~10:30am: five activists including Secretary Go Yu Gi, and two Catholic fathers were taken away to the police, after the short press interview. The activists strongly protested against the police and were dragged from the cranes they were protesting on the top of them.
All the captured were separately detained in the three police stations of the Jeju Island. Some may be released soon or some may be even restrained. We don’t know yet but the mayor is expected to get the arrest warrant.


A 70 year old man is in comma. He hit his head on the stone when he was pushed by a police man. He was protesting against the police who was pushing an old woman.

A Korean Confederation of Trade Union activist, 41 years was carried to the hospital but released hours later.

After 1pm: The remaining village people and the activists continued to confront against the police without the clash,

Currently (at 8pm), about 30~40 people including 20 village people (mostly in their ages of 40~60) and 20 Jeju activists (30~40 years old) are doing the candle light vigil overnight in the confined area. The police blocked the people entering the place. The police are
expected to be mobilized again tomorrow morning. A Jeju activist there says, once they are all taken away by the police tomorrow, they may not be able to enter the area again.

Because of small numbers there, brutal taking away is expected. But she said the protests in front of the area will go on, afterward. It is possible to contact with the people there by phone and all the international message are carried briefly via it. It empowers the people there.

In the area for the planned ceremony, all the barricades of cars by the village people were removed. Wire fence was set up. And the contacted cranes have begun the basic construction process. There are about six cranes in the area for tomorrow’s continued construction.

What you can do:

* Send the strong solidarity message to the village people. Send to

* Put the pressure to the South Korean government

Prime Minister’s Office
Central Government Complex, 55 Sejong-no, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea (110-760)
Tel: 82-2-2100-2114

(Find English at the top right)

* Contact the South Korean embassy inside your country to demand a halt to navy base construction

* In the US call the South Korean Consulate in Washington DC

chief of mission: Ambassador YANG Song-chol
chancery: 2450 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008
telephone: [1] (202) 939-5600
FAX: [1] (202) 387-0205

* Consider to come to the village and join the struggle. Even if it is a few days, it will be the greatest support to the village people. The Jeju organizations can provide the accommodation place but not airplane fee. The experience of the Vieques will be much help here in Jeju that is an isolated place from the mainland of Korea. More details will be followed later.

Thanks very much.

Sung-Hee Choi
From Korea
(for more photos and video)

Update: 1:30 am, Jan. 19, 2010

Except for 11people, about 36people were released around 1am. The identification of the 11 detained are not yet known. The Secretary, Mr. Go Yu Gi is heard to be released tomorrow after a brief investigation.

All the people who were there for the candle light vigil and the released now gathered together in the village hall. After the brief talk, all is expected to return back home. The village people will discuss about tomorrow’s program there. The struggle will be continued tomorrow.

Village people are so thankful and glad of all the international solidarity messages. Thanks so much for all your messages. Please keep to pressure the South Korean government and/or South Korean embassy in your country to complain about the brutal oppression against the people and the naval base plan. Flooding international pressure is not only the biggest help for the poor people in Gangjeong but also preventing another missile defense system in the world.