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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So far 47 people from the village Gangjeong have been arrested on Jeju Island trying to stop the Navy from beginning construction of the base. All but the mayor, Kang Dong Kyun, have been released. It appears that the South Korean government will try to keep the mayor from being able to lead the protests in the future.

A call has gone out from the villagers for people from around the world to come to Gangjeong to show international solidarity.

According to our South Korean contacts:

In the video, the navy is saying the land has become to be owned, by the Ministry of the National Defense, on Sept. 24 last year and the village people are illegally occupying the land. The village people who have watched all the illegal and improper processing and passing of the bills on the naval base, by the Jeju special government and the Island assembly, in the snatched-way, are strongly protesting, chanting, “Absolutely No Naval Base” .

It is heard that the mayor was blocking the navy and police with his own body behind the fire. And the police, ignoring his safety attacked the mayor. The informant in the village says the mayor must have been greatly wounded during the body struggle.

There are more stories coming about the people who got wounded during the struggle. One man had to get the bandage in his leg.

Even more videos can be seen here


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