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Monday, December 27, 2010


I got these photos from a Jeju Island media can see more of them if you click on the link in the headline above.

I've not yet heard from Sung-Hee Choi yet, she might have been arrested for all I know.

It is obvious that the Navy has pushed through with their cement trucks and will now begin to pour concrete over the sea life that lives among the rocks along the coastline of the Gangjeong village.

All of this in order to build a Navy base that is needed as the U.S. Navy builds more ships and deploys them in the region. Maine's Sen. Olympia Snowe (Republican) has said over and over again to the media in our state that more Navy ships are needed to "protect" against China's expanding power. There can be no doubt that this base has nothing to do with North Korea. It is all about projecting power toward China in order to block their ability to import oil on ships along the waterway between Jeju Island and mainland China.

The Chinese import 80% of their oil via this sea route and if the U.S. can successfully "choke off" their ability to transport oil then the U.S., who can't compete with China's growing economy, would be able to still hold the "keys" to their economic engine.

It is hardball politics that the U.S. is playing here in this expensive and dangerous game. The people on Jeju Island, sadly enough, are just pawns in the way of imperial designs.

Thirty-four citizens arrested trying to block 66 cement trucks from dumping their concrete on the rocky coast.

If you'd like to help please call the South Korean embassy in Washington DC and tell them to stop building the Navy base and to quit arresting the villagers. The phone is


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

<a href=">Korean news article</a> I hope I got it right.

That's the url for the S.Korean newspaper that published the pictures.

Notice the signs are for the vast majority in Korean. They know which side of their toast is buttered and realize that the U.S. LameStream media aren't goin to touch this.
The page is in Korean, which I only speak a little, anyong ha shim nee ka and gahn sam nee da, and some basic counting and the names for various kicks, punches, blocks and stances in Tae Kwon Do.
And I read and write exactly none of it.
But there was a comment at the bottom in English, by one “chowhuh”

The Island of Peace
The peace can only be achieved by power. The peace without it is too fragile and just an empty word. The histories prove that again and again. Hawaiian Islands are most peaceful place on earth. But it is also a place of formidable Pacific Fleet.

Yeah. Right nice of Mr or Mrs Chow to say that the Korean people should accept the same deal made to the Native Islanders on Hawaii.
Under much the same conditions too, gunboat diplomacy, do as we say or we send in our Military to force your compliance.

Now the Native Hawaiians have to get a water permit to grow their own small farm plots. Because the water was given to Dole Fruits, C&H Sugar and my favorite, Imperial Sugar. They used to be an independent monarchy until the Mighty Formidable Pacific Fleet rigged an insurrection, then sailed in to back up the insurgents.

It's just heartwarming that somebody would suggest giving away not only his/her own stake in Korea, but every other Koreans stake as well.

Maybe I read that wrong. It was very much intended for the American press though.

12/30/10, 2:23 PM  

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