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Sunday, October 03, 2010


Our friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico had a double-header on October 2 to open up Keep Space for Peace Week.

They first held a protest outside the gates of Kirtland AFB which is the directorate for the Air Force space laser development program. In the photo above the local Grannies for Peace are singing at the vigil.

Then after the protest was over they held a public screening of the new documentary Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space.

Here is a bit of what local organizer Bob Anderson wrote to me about people's reaction to the film:

We had about 60 people at the theatre and some of them were new people who were not at the demo at the base. One was our ex-Republican city councilman who saw the notice in the theatre literature and said he was interested in the topic too.

Over all it is a real quantum leap for people – they said they knew very little of how this all fit together and now it is taking shape for them. It really helped them understand the issue well, it seems.

The Starfire [laser being developed at Kirtland] and KAFB sections seemed to impress folks here and make some connections that have till now been abstract. How did they get into the Air Force Academy and Starfire facility for those scenes?.... Amazing. The manifest destiny religious message seems to come across clear, disgusting one person said to see they are doing that there.

I liked the section on the Nazi background to space war. That came over well for people it seems. Where did they find those meeting tapes....!


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