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Friday, March 19, 2010


Yang Dong-Kyu, a filmmaker from Jeju Island, South Korea took this video last year.

It is on the soft coral reefs and creatures living under the Gangjeong sea where the Jeju naval base is planned to be set up. How on earth the Navy is attempting to build the naval base that would kill all these precious creatures?
For more info. Please see here.

2010 is the UN-designated bio-diversity year. It is totally wrong that the South Korean Navy and Jeju politicians are driving for the naval base that will be used for the U.S. missile defense system for her domination strategy in Asia, especially to control Chinese sea-lane for oil passage.

The South Korean government wants to start the naval base construction, at least within the first half year of 2010. If no action against it is done, as Bruce Gagnon said, Who will speak for the fish, who will speak for the coral, who will speak for the water, if the people don't do it?" And who will console the suffering of the people in Life and Peace Village, Gangjeong, if we don't fight with them?

Who will keep the Jeju Island as Island of Peace if we don't pay attention to all the strategy by the U.S. government and arms corporations who are now driving to swallow all the precious Islands of Jeju, Okinawa, Guam, Hawaii, Diego Garcia and many more, by building the bases despite the peoples fierce struggle and tremendous environmental damage on the earth?

- Sung-Hee Choi (Inchon, South Korea)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, i live in Jeju and am totally opposed to the planned Naval Base. However, I am very concerned at the misinformation on which one of the arguments is based - that the navy base will destroy a coral reef. See
There are no coral reefs on Jeju. Yes, there is a lot of coral (mainly soft corals) - but that is a completely different thing to claiming that the navy base will destroy a coral reef.
In your campaign, what other information is wrong? If you want people to support you, then PLEASE base your arguments on facts.

3/20/10, 2:04 AM  
Anonymous Sung-Hee Choi said...

Thanks very much, Sherrin, for pointing out my mistake. My knowledge on the corals are very dull so I could not distinguish between the corals and coral reefs therefore I might have done mistake without intention. I so thank you that you informed me the facts that I was not keen about and am glad to know you. I fixed my blog, according to your advice. Please keep to support the struggle against the Jeju naval base. We need many internationals’ support like you, to spread the news.
Sung-Hee Choi from Korea.

3/20/10, 8:40 AM  

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