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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Over 100 turned out in Bangor, Maine for a Community Teach-In that called to Bring Our War $$ Home
Mark Roman and Lisa Savage of Solon, Maine took our Maine campaign banner to the White House in Washington yesterday to deliver our message directly to Obama

This protest of 150 folks was held in Northampton, MA. yesterday. Good to see the war $$ message spreading

Mary Beth and I drove two hours north to Bangor yesterday where we participated in an afternoon long community Teach-In called Bring Our War $$ Home. The well attended event was organized by the Eastern Maine Peace & Justice Center.

The keynote speaker was Mariam Atifa Raquib, a woman of Afghanistan origins, who now coordinates a non-profit Reforestation Project based in Boston called Afghanistan Samsortya.

Mary Beth was a plenary panel speaker and did a fine job. Other speakers on the panel included a Gold Star mother from Bangor who lost her son in Iraq in 2005 just 10 days before he was to come home. A representative of U.S. Labor Against the War was the other panel speaker.

I facilitated a workshop that carried the same title as did the conference.

It was good to see that many protests were held throughout the country yesterday. We need more of them.

CNN coverage here

Below is one from Germany as well.


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