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Thursday, May 28, 2009


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May 30 will be a national day of actions calling for a single-payer health care program. We have the next 60-days to push hard to break the insurance corporations lock on our health care system.

In this video Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana) says that single-payer is not on the table because it can't pass. And why can't it pass? It can't pass because the for-profit insurance corporations have the US Congress in the bag. You see the snide, self-assured, arrogant Max Baucus sit in control of the Senate committee that is putting together the plan and he is the "hired gun" of the corporations.

Baucus is also the front-man for Obama. He is carrying the water for Obama on health care.

The corporate plan the Congress will eventually pass will not work. It will mandate that you have to buy health care insurance just like you have to buy auto insurance. If you can't afford it then the federal government will subsidize your policy. In other words the federal taxpayer will feed these greedy corporations.

And I predict that the health insurance policy that the person gets with government subsidy will be an inferior product that will have large gaps in coverage. So in the end the insurance companies keep getting rich, we will still have a two-tiered system (one for the rich and one for everyone else), and health care costs will keep going sky high.

The only solution is single-payer - everyone in and no one left out. We must take the profits out of health care now.

I will be attending the rally in Augusta on Saturday, May 30 at the state capitol. It begins at noon.

Now is the time for everyone to speak out. Please find a way to help this movement out.


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