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Friday, March 27, 2009


Dave Webb is my brother - blood brother, brother in peaceful arms, good friend, and co-worker. He is having his 60th birthday bash this weekend and I was invited. The only problem is that he lives in Leeds, England and I can't be there for the party. So here is the next best thing. Here's a toast to you Dave.....

To one of the great spirits - you are without any doubt one of the damn nicest and most dedicated guys I've ever met. You are giving of your time, your energy, your heart, and your soul. You keep your ego in check. You are one hell of a person, one hell of a friend.

Dr. Dave Webb teaches engineering at Leeds University and also teaches Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies. He is national vice-chair of Britain's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and he is the chairperson of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

Dave is loved and respected by all. He's been the web master for the Global Network for years and in addition to all that he does, he also runs about 4,000 other web sites for causes he cares about. His dear wife Leslie says he never sleeps and I believe it. She has to take his laptop away from him when they go on holiday. Good luck Leslie.

Leslie was organizing a surprise party for Dave this weekend and invited MB and I to come along. Sadly it was not in the cards. But it would have been great to be there. (The party is no longer a surprise as Leslie had to tell him about it because Dave hates surprises.)

On top of all the wonderful things you can say about Dave, there is one more big one. Dave is also a fan of The Kinks. On one of my previous trips to England he got tickets for a group of us to go see Ray Davies (singer/songwriter from The Kinks) in concert.

Luckily we'll be seeing Dave soon in Korea for the Global Network annual space organizing conference. So we can tip a beer with him then and wish him a belated happy birthday.

Many more to you Dave - and in good health. No one deserves it more than you.

I love you.

Here's one that describes you well brother.


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