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Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is a photo taken yesterday just outside of Setubal, Portugal where I was taken by my hosts. Nice beach, I was tempted to shed my clothes and jump in.....

Later that evening I did a talk at a local bar in Setubal and made it back to my hotel in Lisbon right at midnight. Then I had an hours worth of emails to catch up on and was in bed by 1am. The hotel wake-up call was right on schedule at 6am and by quarter-to-seven I was in a cab on the way to the airport.

I'm writing this from the airport in Newark, NJ waiting for my plane to Boston that has been delayed for an hour. That means I won't get back to Maine until 10pm if all goes well. I have to grab a bus from Boston to Portland and then MB will pick me up in Portland for the 45-minute drive back to Bath. All this travel is not so glamorous at times.

I am beat and can look forward to one day of rest before heading to do a workshop at a conference in Bangor on Saturday. MB will also be a speaker and friend Joseph Gerson, who just led the effort to plan the No US Bases Conference in DC, will be the keynoter. He always has something interesting to say.

I could go for a beer right now.


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