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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. We must all do more to help stop this western corporate arrogance that puts the future generations lives in despair. @BruceKGagnon

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


First of all you must watch this CBS TV interview with Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor in Gaza, as he describes the number of civilians and children injured and killed there. His heart breaking interview proves that Israel is deliberately attacking the civilian population.

The Washington Post reports, "About 550 Palestinians have been killed and more than 2,500 have been reported wounded in the 10-day offensive; Palestinian health officials estimate that many of them -- between 24 and 30 percent -- are women and children. Most are at Shifa, Gaza's largest hospital. Doctors there are working day and night on floors soaked with blood to help the rapidly mounting numbers of wounded. In the halls and corridors, screams and uncontrolled sobbing, along with the sounds of bombs and mortars, punctuate conversations.
'The numbers of killed and wounded are rising. Every minute we have a bombardment,' said Hassan Khalaf, the director of Shifa Hospital. 'The number of cases is overwhelming us. No hospital in the world can handle this.' It's become too dangerous for his staff to retrieve victims. Eleven members of his medical staff have been killed since the offensive began. 'They were in ambulances,' Khalaf said."

Then you must take five minutes and call your Congressional delegation and DEMAND that the US must force Israel into a ceasefire.

Do not just click away. Please make the calls.

The Congressional phone number is (202) 224-3121. When they answer just ask for your Senator and/or Congressman's office.

If you don't know who they are just click here:


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