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Monday, October 13, 2008


Three of our Addams-Melman Housemates went north this weekend for a camping retreat at Lily Bay State Park which sits on Moosehead Lake. It was a quiet time and the weather for the most part was just wonderful for Mary Beth, Maureen and me.

We were not sure that the trip was going to work out because I had gotten ill just two days before we were supposed to leave. I had a bad cold, no energy, and a horrible sore throat. But I willed myself to push through it and glad it was possible to go.

We camped right on the water for two nights and had a three-mile hike through the woods and along the shore line yesterday. Our two dogs came along and loved it as well.

I particularly love walking through the woods gathering firewood and then sitting by the fire for hours just loosing my mind in the embers. I think about how for thousands of years our relations who came before us sat at their fires under the night sky. It is in our DNA to do this ritual.

The big development corporation, Plum Creek, proposes to undertake a massive development along Moosehead which happens to be Maine's largest lake. The proposal includes more than 2,000 housing units, two large resorts, a golf course, marina and additional commercial developments.

The state set up a public hearing process on the development plan and the public overwhelmingly spoke out against the Plum Creek proposal but it appears that the development will go forward with only minor changes.

We saw few signs of wildlife during the weekend. We heard loons on the lake but never saw one. We saw few birds. I only saw two squirrels. Wildlife is already in grave danger. Allowing huge developments on this last remaining wilderness would be a travesty.


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