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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


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One of the more moving entry's in the protest parade that concluded the European Social Forum in Malmo, Sweden on September 20 was the sculpture on wheels called "In the name of God- In memory of the victims of fundamentalism" by artist Jens Galschiot.

Each of the copper crucifix were mounted on a wagon and they were connected as a train and pulled along during the 3 1/2 hour march through the city.

Literature handed out by the artist said, "The crucifix is a sculptural outcry for the right to contraception and unprejudiced sexual education. It is an artistic comment to the Bible fundamentalists' crusade against contraception, and their grotesque claim that 'the Bible allows only unprotected sex'."

The first sculpture was put up in cooperation with the Cathedral of Copenhagen on December 1, 2006. the International AIDS day. They have since been shown around the world.

"The Roman Catholic Church, the Christian fundamentalists in the US, and the US government in office form a powerful alliance where they advocate sexual abstinence until marriage as the only way to avoid HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. They assert that information on contraception encourages voluptuousness."

"They are trying to force a change in contraception policy in Africa, Asia and Central America. This has already had fatal consequences in form of more HIV infected people. unwanted pregnancies and dangerous abortions."

"The sexual life is a natural part of our existence, regardless of our way of life and whether we want children or not. The sexual policy crusade is a frontal assault on the rights of both women and sexual minorities, in the West as well as in the developing countries."


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