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Monday, August 18, 2008


I've been closely following Nancy Pelosi's book tour protests at the After Downing Street web site during the last two weeks. You know the story, Pelosi says that she was not aware of any Bush-Cheney impeachable offenses. So activists have been showing up at her events trying to present her with Rep. Dennis Kucinich's list of 35 offenses but Pelosi has had security not allow people to bring any paperwork or signs or banners near any of her book promos. (Homeland Security of course, protecting the Speaker of the House from random acts of terrorism - stuff like that.)

But people have gotten creative. They bought her books and put messages on the inside of the book covers and open them just as they approach her for an autograph. Needless to say Queen Nancy is not pleased about this. She got a real hard time recently at an event in California and plaintively cried out to the audience, "I used to be an activist." Operative words here - used to be.

I can use those words too. I "used to be" a Democrat but then I wised up. I "used to" think we had a democracy but now I know we have an oligarchy. I "used to be" naive but then I opened by eyes and say things the way they really are - I used my nose and smelled the rotten cheese.

Helping to further throw me over the top was this video that landed in my inbox this morning about children in Falleujah, Iraq that have been born with deformities in the last couple of years. These deformities are likely the result of exposure to depleted uranium and other toxic residues from military ordinance. If these are not criminal, if they are not absolute examples of "impeachable offenses," then we should just rip up and burn the U.S. Constitution right now on the spot.

But I know why Pelosi does not want to recognize these war crimes. She can't because the Demo-rats are complicit in these crimes. Let me say it again - the Demo-rats are complicit in these crimes for funding this madness, for enabling Bush, for encouraging him, for excusing him, and in recent months for giving him even more money than he requested to pay for the Iraq occupation through 2009. And they are now complicit for refusing to investigate his (their) war crimes.

People tell me that the Demo-rats (Obama) would be better than Bush. How can they be better when they have already abundantly proven that they are made of the same corrupt criminal cloth? And these excusers of the Demo-rat crimes want me to put this cloth around my shoulders and wear it - to own it. Never! Not as long as I still have a soul.

My respect and admiration goes out to the Pelosi impeachment chasers who relentlessly pursue her with the unbridled truth. And my congratulations to Cindy Sheehan who is now on the ballot in San Francisco to run for Congress against Pelosi.

Pelosi might "used to" have been an activist. But today she is a war criminal and there is no doubt about it. Pelosi and Bush - I want to hear them try to defend themselves against the evidence of these children's deformities and the broken hearts of their parents. Let them both stand trial before a jury of Iraqi mothers.


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