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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Each year the Space Command performs a war game set in 2016. In that war game the new military space plane, the Falcon, flies across the planet at six times the speed of sound and delivers 12,000 pound bombs against the "Red" team. Red team means China in Pentagon language.

The Falcon, a reusable "hypersonic vehicle," would cruise at 28 miles above the Earth and would also be able to deliver 1,000 pound penetrator bombs and independent "kill gliders." Bottom line is that the Falcon would be a first-strike attack weapon.

The fact that the Space Command is now rehearsing a first-strike attack on China should cause alarms to be going off. At the same time the Navy is deploying Aegis destroyers just off the coast of China outfitted with "missile defense" systems. Just in case China was to launch one of its 20 nuclear weapons capable of hitting the U.S. west coast during the Pentagon's first-strike attack, the Aegis system's job would be to pick the Chinese nuke off right after launch.

This new "global strike" technology development is all being coordinated by StratCom in Omaha, Nebraska that is now in charge of the Space Command and all first-strike planning.

A first flight test of the Falcon is scheduled for next year.


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