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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


We finally are getting some snow here after the warmest December in Maine's history and then a severe icy cold from January to present. I just came back from a walk in the snow to downtown Bath with our dog Red and our new house mate Levi.

Many of the shops downtown were closed or had signs up saying they were closing at noon. Not many cars on the street although there were the big snowplows on the streets and the pick-up trucks that have smaller plows on them for people's driveways. We've got to find someone to come and plow our driveway because it is a very long and wide one, in fact we have two of them - one on each side of the house. Way too much to shovel.

Looking out our second-floor window Mary Beth(MB) just pointed out the little kids playing on their sleds in the back yards of the houses near us. From upstairs we feel like we are in a tree house looking out onto the snowy world.

Mary Beth and Karen did not have to go to work today because of the snow storm. We all sat in the kitchen and ate scones that MB and Levi made for breakfast. Levi, a native Mainer, walked to the local grocery store early this morning in the snow to get some lemons for the scones.

Years ago while on a speaking trip to Miami I was talking to a guy from Maine who was spending some time in Florida. He told me he noticed that in Florida, because of air conditioning, that people never let up on their hectic pace of life. It was non-stop go-go-go. In Maine he said, when the heavy snows come people slow down. Life slows down. I think he was right.

Karen is taking a nap now. Levi kept walking after I turned back and headed home. MB is sitting in front of the upstairs window with her small white dog, that resembles a bundle of fluff, named Seamus on her lap. She is composing a leaflet.

I am writing this and thinking of laying down for a bit myself. Maybe finishing the book I have been reading. We have no other plans for today. It's the kind of day we rarely have in our busy lives.

Let the snow keep coming down.


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