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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My favorite band is The Kinks from the UK. It was founded by Ray and Dave Davies back in the early sixties. They broke up the band a couple years ago and now Ray and Dave have their own careers. I was checking out their websites the other day and wanted to use this album cover on one of my blogs. I don't have any particular big story to write about today. I'm tired of writing about how lousy the Dems are and how my liberal congressman is a phony. So today I need something different.

We had a party and a meeting at our new house last Saturday. About 90 people came for the surprise birthday party for our 85-year old friend Loukie Lofchie. Then following that 50 stayed for the anti-war meeting. Our new place, built in 1790, held up quite well under the strain. We wondered if the floors would cave in with all the extra weight on them.

My Internet connection has been off and on since we moved in. Not sure exactly what the trouble is/was but I've had three different experts look at it and they each have done different things to get me back on-line. Let's hope now it will stay on. It's sadly amazing how reliant I am on the Internet - I can hardly do any of my work without it these days. I wonder how I ever managed before I got email. And I was a late comer to the Internet.

If you click on the link above you will hear one of my favorite songs (20th Century Man) by The Kinks. Ray Davies performs it during a recent appearance on Austin City Limits.


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