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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Reaction: Trump's speech today

By Kevin Zeese
Popular Resistance

Trump's speech was filled with lies that Republicans, Democrats and the corporate media will pretend were true and will confuse the people of the United States with hatred for Iran and Soleimani based on falsehoods.

But, the only immediate threat made was more economic sanctions, which are devastating and should be considered an act of war, but he did not announce any other retaliation.  He also began saying Iran will never have nuclear weapons, but Iran has always said it never wanted nuclear weapons.

He is playing primarily to a domestic audience which has been lied to about Iran by all presidents since 1979. He needs that audience to see this conflict as a US victory, and the assassination as justified. The media is pushing people all to say Soleimani was a terrorist, when in fact he was a hero who defeated US imperialism against Iran and other nations, as well as defeating ISIS and other extremists that threatened many nations.  This is why he had the largest funeral in the history of the world involving tens of millions mourning him in Iran and across the region.

The relationship between the US and Iran is still a tinderbox. And, members of the Axis of Resistance that Soleimani created across the Middle East may act on their on to avenge the murder of Soleimani. The world is still at risk for a major war, but as of today, one has been averted.

The push to get the US out of the Middle East is urgent. Trump bragging about the US being the number one oil and gas producer, taking credit for a climate crime committed by Obama, could be an opening to push him to leave -- the US no longer needs to be spending hundreds of millions a year to have troops in the Middle East. It is in US interests to leave the area since we no longer need their oil.

There was also a tiny opening for diplomacy with Iran. How there is a breakthrough is hard to see. It may take Russia or China to play a mediator role. If the Democrats and Republicans had not so undermined the ability of Trump to talk to Putin and Xi about positive steps, it would be much easier. The key for Iran is relief of sanctions. They will not come to the table without some action by the US. Sadly, I do not see that happening until after the 2020 election. So, this year we need to avert war and lay the groundwork for peace. 


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