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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Shots heard round the world....

Here is a collection of comments I have taken off the Internet as people react to the middle of the night illegal and immoral US led attack on Syria.  

  • The silence coming from Upstate " resistance " groups is deafening. Trump's biggest crime yet, but there is only silence. These groups and individual so called activist are nothing but proxy representatives of the Democrat party. A huge part of the war conglomerate itself. Until you stand against the purest evil known to human existence your endeavors are incomplete and indeed fraudulent.

  • A one time thing? I wouldn't bet on it. Trump has established a dangerous new precedent. Now, terrorists can carry out fake chemical attacks without fear of any investigation, and expect American missiles to do their dirty work for them. We haven't seen the last of this by a long shot.

  • We are now entering uncharted territory sparring with the likes of Russia and Iran.

  • So we don't care that Saudi Arabia is killing a bunch of YEMENI children , and we don't care that Israel is mowing down Palestinians who are unarmed , but apparently we've had a surge of moral compassion for the Arabs in Syria. It's just so bizarre to me.

  • Yeh... they WANT you confused, kiddo - that's what they're shooting for (no pun intended). They want EVERYONE in the U.S. confused and wondering who is REALLY the villain in the scenario they've orchestrated. Their goals are largely blown - taking out Iraq, Libya, now Syria, then Iran... but they're convinced they can get away with it anyway - because 'the people' are THAT fucking stupid.... the sad part is that they're probably right....

  • Every time Assad and the Syrian army gain more control of their lands and succeed to kick ISIS out, Assad decides to gas some women and children. How convenient? Please, people use your brain cells.

  • Ever notice how the NY Times calls Russian billionaires "oligarchs" and Western billionaires "entrepreneurs"? Such totally biased "journalism", if we can actually call it that. Likewise Trump is referred to as "President Trump" meanwhile Assad is referred to as "The Assad regime" I mean really, what dishonest, hypocritical scumbags.  

  • Tomahawk missiles strikes into Syria last night were reportedly launched from a warship built at Bath Iron Works: the USS Donald Cook. [Four of the US Navy destroyers that fired cruise missiles at Syria were built at Bath Iron Works - USS Monterey, Laboon, Higgins and Cook]

  • Wherever they were built - the blood is on all of our hands.

  • A total of 100 cruise and air-to-surface missiles were launched at targets in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry stated, noting that two US warships carried out the attack from the Red Sea, as well as tactical aviation over the Mediterranean Sea and B-1B bombers from al-Tanf area.

  • What is clear is that the Neocon-run Trump administration is willing to risk WWIII just to save it’s face, to look “tough” and to maintain the illusion of its relevance. It is also willing to commit the most odious crime under International Law, the crime of aggression, it is does that brazenly, with the supine, cowardly, silent support of almost all the western political leaders. Yes, the US is clearly spitting in the face of Russia daring her to “do something about it”, but Russia-haters should not hurry to rejoice. Because by ignoring the UN and entire corpus of International Law, the AngloZionists are also spitting into the face of every single human on the planet and proudly declaring “we are the Hegemon, we are above everything and everybody, above you and above any of your laws or principles. We are even above facts or logic. Bow down and worship me!“. It is now for each and every one of us to decide how to respond. Or not. Your choice. You will have to live with the consequences of your choice.
  • Democrats are going to praise Trump for the attack on Syria.
  • Can someone explain how the U.S. can claim that last night's bombing of Syria is a "one-time attack" when there were 100 air strikes?
  • I am crying in anger because of the US actions towards beautiful Syria. I want out of this country now.
  • I think I get it now. The Axis of Evil is aiming bombs at the Douma area, in order to destroy evidence. This is the same thing as shipping the WTC steel off to China, the same thing as dumping Bin Landen's body in the ocean, the same thing as demolishing the house of the Skripals and the restaurant they ate at. The US tried to get the UNSC to stop the OPCW inspectors from going to Syria and collecting evidence, but they failed.
  • Will there be no parades in Greenville against war? I'll stand by myself!  Street lamps or not I'll be there!
  • Apart from anything else, Trump's speech tonight just confirms that the US, along with its European lackeys, is the supreme danger to the world, and that US foreign policy should be the main issue of all progressives. Americans do not have the "luxury" of picking and choosing "their" issue. War is the only issue that matters now.
  • Despite the scale of the recent US attack, it was clearly an attack made out of desperate frustration - an attempt to "fall forward" - tripping over its clumsy pretext while trying to advance its agenda. In the process, it has compromised its agenda further, and further dulled the propaganda tools it has overused in relation to its floundering proxy war in Syria. Managing the eviction of the US from the Middle East will be a slow, arduous, and dangerous process that will require maximum patience and persistence. The Syrian government and its allies' weathering of this recent attack once again proves that time is on their side and their collective discipline in the face of America's increasingly reckless foreign policy will continue to confound and complicate US objectives.
  • There is no such thing as “strikes against the Assad regime.” The bombs are dropping on SYRIAN PEOPLE. Human beings.


Blogger Stephen Barraclough said...

I have to completely agree with that last post "..The bombs are dropping on SYRIAN PEOPLE. Human beings.."
To say that I'm greatly disappointed with President Trump would be such an understatement....but I can't find the words to express it more strongly!
I thought he was inspired and led by CHRISTIAN VALUES, if not by Christ Himself, sadly I have come to believe that that is just his public persona.
All are starting to seem like LOST CAUSES!

4/15/18, 7:09 AM  

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