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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Against NATO in Sweden

Anti-NATO protest in Sweden where the US and NATO are expanding military operations, including space technology war fighting bases.

Sweden and Finland are under heavy pressure by Washington and Brussels to sign on to NATO.  If that does not work out because of public opposition as we see in the video, then NATO will attempt to sign them up as 'NATO partners' which still gives the US military control of that country.

You've got to fight it the whole way - don't stop when you get half the loaf.

There are some good interviews half-way into the video.

A peace friend in Finland sent me this message just today:

There has came an initiative from Norway to make a common Nordic peace statement against the militarization of the Northern Europe. The Peace Committee of Finland has joined it, which I am glad for. At the same time our government and parliament are discussing new surveillance laws which make it more easy to read people's emails and letters. So they try to create totalitarianism, I guess. (We must talk, write and think as StratCom tells us.)



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